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Children & Families Commission
Children & Families Commission
Our Mission: In partnership with the community, Sutter County Children & Families Commission coordinates services that support families to ensure that each child enters school healthy and ready to learn.

Our Vision: All children in Sutter County will have optimal health, be nurtured and prepared to succeed.

The Sutter County Children & Families Commission and it's programs are Tobacco Tax (Prop 10) Funded Programs.
Request For Proposal (RFP) 2015-2018 Child and Parent Centered Community-Based School Readiness Services

The RFP will address specific strategies within the Early Learning and Development services that require a competitive selection process through the Request for Proposals process.

Specific to this Child and Parent Centered Community-Based School Readiness Services RFP, the funding focuses on the Early Learning and Development priority, with the goal that all children enter kindergarten ready to learn.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How many organizations will be chosen? How is it decided?
A) The may Commission may fund one or more organizations for the RFP. The decision will be based on the reader’s recommendations.

Q) In a collaboration, does each entity need to fill out an Attachment A or does the lead organization fill out the form?
A) Only the lead/primary contractor completes Attachment A. The subcontractors must fill out a yearly budget and narratives, but not Attachment A. Make sure to describe in the narrative why you have subcontractors/consultants – what gap/need/expertise do they fill that the primary organization does not have? What will the subcontractor do/contribute to the project?

Q) Are MOU’s included in the 20 page of narrative portion? Organization chart? Fiscal organization chart?
A) These documents should be included in the Appendices as noted in the RFP.

Q) In a collaboration, does a “lead” organization need to be identified?
A) We need a lead/primary organization to contract with. All other involved organizations could be included as subcontractors or partners. Proposers can also consider a format with a fiscal agent and a collaborative of subcontractors under a fiscal agent.

Q) Do the services have to be free?
A) The Commission would like to see no cost services for children 0-5 and their families.

Q) Can I receive funds from other sources when get funds?
A) Yes, the Commission encourages sustainability measures.

Q) Who are the readers?
A) The readers will encompass individuals with grant review experience familiarity of Proposition 10 services.

Q) Can you have several objectives listed on attachment B?
A) Yes.

Q) Do you have to address both strategies for the 3-5 year old population and 0-3 population served in the proposal?
A) No, the applicant can apply for either the 0-3 year old population or the 3-5 year old population or both.

Q) Do RFP’s that combine funding with other funding sources receive extra points similar to those agencies partnering with other agencies?
A) Yes, leveraging resources and sustainability will receive special consideration.

Q) Is an end date required if the activity is ongoing?
A) Yes, the contract end date for this RFP is June 30, 2018.

Q) If staff will be hired after awarded can a position description count as a resume?
A) Yes.

Q) Can an agency submit more than one proposal?
A) If you intend to apply for more than one RFP, you must submit separate and complete proposals.

Q) Can independent contractors, on a 1099, be used to facilitate our readiness activities?
A) Yes.

Q) Does the agency/organization pay for the evaluator? How do we get the pricing of this service, if so?
A) Yes, 5% of the organizations proposed budget must include evaluation services to be included the professional services line item.

Q) What are examples of indirect costs?
A) Examples of indirect costs may include: utilities, insurance, administrative expenses, other office expenses.

Q) Do collaborators have to be identified at the time the RFP is submitted or can this occur during the term of the contract? (For example, what is something happens to one of the collaborators and they are no longer available to assist with the project?)
A) For the RFP you need to have your plans and collaborations as solid and in place as possible. Any changes after the proposal is submitted can complicate the review process and jeopardize funding recommendations.

Sandtray Therapy
A safe, non-verbal and stress-free medium for processing events and feelings that are emotionally disturbing and/or disruptive to daily functioning. Some examples of conditions where sandtray therapy can be beneficial include nightmares or disturbing dreams, fear of strangers or unfamiliar places, inconsolable crying, irritability, prolonged sadness, and a decreased ability to communicate with others or perform daily tasks at home, school, or work.
Sutter County Smiles Expands Dental Services to Pregnant Adult Women
Sutter County Smiles Expands Dental Services to Pregnant Adult Women The dental van will provide dental services including: exam, cleaning, fluoride, oral hygiene and nutrition education to pregnant women with Medi-Cal coverage. Please call Sutter County Smiles Mobile Dental Clinic at (530) 682-8428 to schedule an appointment.
Tobacco and Young Children

Tobacco and Young Children Babies who breathe second-hand smoke have a higher risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and children exposed are more likely than other kids to get ear infections, sore throats, colds, and lung problems like asthma, wheezing, and coughs and to develop learning difficulties later in life.

Do you know that smoking before and during pregnancy is the single most preventable cause of illness and death among mothers and infants?

Quitting smoking is hard work but it can be done. Many people try several times before they quit for good. Think of the previous attempts as "practice" for the real thing. Think of the things that helped, and the things that didn't. Even if a smoker tried before, it's important to try again. Understanding the quitting process can make it easier.

Quitting now and having a smoke-free environment can significantly reduce the risk of smoking-related disease and protect the health of your children.

California Smokers' Helpline

The California Smokers' Helpline (1-800-NO-BUTTS) is a FREE personal and confidential telephone counseling service that has been proven to double a smoker's chance of quitting successfully. Services are available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Korean and Vietnamese.

Second-hand smoke is dangerous to the health of your baby/child, you can insist that babysitters, family members, or other caregivers not smoke around them. You can advise them to quit or call 1-800-NO-BUTTS.

Caregiver Support Groups

Are you the parent or family caregiver of a child with special needs? Then this twice monthly group is for you!

  • Self care
  • Stress management
  • Managing unhelpful thoughts
  • Long term care planning
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Resources

Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

1650 Sierra Avenue, Suite 106
Yuba City

Call 751-1925 X107 to register. Pre-registration is required.


Text BABY Text4Baby Parents as Teachers is a proud outreach partner for this new, FREE mobile information service designed for pregnant women and new moms to receive health information for themselves and their babies.

To sign up, moms just need to text BABY (or BEBE for Spanish) to 511411 or visit Text4baby is made possible by the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition.
Big Investments Pay Off for Small Children
Study of Sacramento Region First 5 Commissions Finds Improvements in Child Outcomes
Big Investments Pay Off for Small Children Sacramento, CA: A school playground and active preschoolers at American Lakes Elementary in Sacramento formed the backdrop for leaders of eight Sacramento Region counties who gathered this morning to release a report outlining the impact First 5 Commissions have had in improving the lives and futures of children ages zero to five years of age in eight counties.

The First 5 Sacramento Region 2010 Impact Report states more children are being born healthy; fewer children are growing up in poverty; more mothers receive early prenatal care; and more children are prepared for success when they enter kindergarten.

The study, prepared by Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. on behalf of the First 5/Children and Families Commissions of Colusa, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Sutter and Yolo counties showed marked improvement in the health and well-being of children ages zero to five years as a result of programs funded by these organizations.


View the full report  [3.3 MB]
Priority Areas for Funding

The Commission supports many programs that help to promote the healthy development of young children in Sutter County. The Commission focuses on prevention, early intervention, education, and health outreach to improve the physical and emotional health of young children. The Commission advocates for comprehensive child development policies that promote safe and healthy environments and support integrated families services for expecting parents and children up through the age of five.

For more information about the Sutter County Children & Families Commission, to get involved in local planning, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact us.

Contact Information
Director: Michele Blake
Address: 1531-A Butte House Road
Yuba City, CA  95993
Phone Number: (530) 822-7505
Fax Number: (530) 822-7508
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