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Sutter County website banner Visiting Channel Menu
Sutter County website banner Visiting Channel
Sutter County website banner Sutter Buttes - the smallest mountain range Sutter Buttes - the smallest mountain range Sutter County website banner


Visiting Channel Because of its rich history in the early days of California, Sutter County has a number of museums, historic landmarks, and historic districts to visit.

Sutter County is also home for the Sutter Buttes, known as the Smallest Mountain Range in the World. Through various organizations such the Middle Mountain Foundation, you can sign-up for guided hikes that provided access to the privately owned land.

Our rivers, lakes, mountains, year-round festivals and fairs, entertainment, diverse recreation opportunities, community events, fine dining establishments, first-rate lodging, bikeways, and historic downtown shopping makes Sutter County a fun place to visit.

Sutter County also offers some of the best duck hunting in the country, as well as opportunities for camping, hiking, boating, and fishing.
Area Profile. Area Profile
Area profile information including population data, geography, & economy.
County History. County History
Sutter County has a rich history in the early days of California.
Entertainment. Entertainment
With theatre, festivals, the annual Yuba-Sutter Fair and more, our area has something for everyone.
Libraries & Museums. Libraries & Museums
Learn more about the Sutter County Library and our Community Memorial Museum.
Resources for Visitors. Resources for Visitors
Local newspaper, medical treatment, and organizations that provide visitor information.
Shopping. Shopping
Yuba City has a large variety of well-known retailers, as well as a historic shopping district on Plumas Street that is in the heart of downtown with an eclectic mix of retail buildings from the 1920s.
Sports and Recreation. Sports and Recreation
The Sutter-Yuba region offers many sports and recreation opportunities.
Travel and Lodging. Travel and Lodging
Where to stay in Sutter County, as well as travel and restaurant information.
Weather, Road and River. Weather, Road and River
Local weather, road and river information.