Bi-County Mental Health
Mental Health Services Sutter-Yuba Mental Health Services (SYMHS) provides psychiatric services to individuals and families who are experiencing serious or ongoing mental health problems.

Some of our services include: Psychiatric Emergency Services; Inpatient Services; Outpatient Treatment for Adults, Families and Youth; Children’s System of Care; Drug and Alcohol (which provides treatment for substance abuse through our Options for Change and First Steps programs); and our Homeless Mentally Ill program operated by the Salvation Army.

Most services are provided at the Sutter-Yuba Mental Health facility located at 1965 Live Oak Boulevard in Yuba City. Fees for services are based upon the client’s ability to pay. SYMHS accepts most medical insurance, Medi-Cal and Medicare.

Phone Number:
  • Main Business Number: (530) 822-7200
  • 24-HOUR PSYCHIATRIC EMERGENCY SERVICES (CRISIS SERVICES): (530) 673-8255 or Toll Free (888) 923-3800

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  • Services
    Bi-County Elder Services Team (BEST)
    BEST serves older adults (60+) with serious psychiatric disabilities who may be physically or geographically isolated and are residents of Sutter or Yuba Counties. BEST works in collaboration with individuals, their families, social service agencies, public health, the medical community, senior centers, law enforcement, and senior housing agencies. For additional information please call (530) 674-1885 ext. 102.

    Community Support Services
    Support for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults with serious psychiatric disabilities who need assistance linking and connecting with necessary resources and services and who require follow up care. For further information please call (530) 822-7200.

    Family Assistance Service Team (FAST)
    Assists individuals requesting services from the Department of Human Services. This team provides assessment, treatment, resolution, referral and informational services. Contact FAST by calling: (530) 822-7478

    Family Intervention Team (Children System of Care)
    Sutter and Yuba Counties provides services to youth and famililes utilizing a multi-agency team design. Services are available to youth and families after agreement of all parties. This project is referred to as the F.I.T. Program. For further information please call: (530) 822-7478.

    Inpatient Services
    Acute psychiatric inpatient care for those 18 years of age and older. Children and adolescents are assessed in Psychiatric Emergency Services and referred to psychiatric facilities in other areas. For additional information please call (530) 822-7200. To contact patients call (530) 822-7204.

    Mental Health America Yuba-Sutter
    MHAYS is the local chapter of Mental Health America. MHAYS' mission is "Promoting the wellness and recovery of individuals with mental health and substance abuse conditions through prevention, advocacy, education, employment, and service." Board meetings are held monthly on the fourth Monday of every month at 12:00 in the Mental Health building located at 1965 Live Oak Blvd, Yuba City, CA, 95991. The public is welcome to attend. For information please call (530) 822-7178.

    Outpatient Services
    Specialty mental health services for children, adolescents, adults and older adults with serious psychiatric disabilities. Services available include triage, assessment, and intake evaluation, individual and/or group therapy, family therapy, parenting information/education, community support services, Full Service Partnership Program for all ages, Wellness & Recovery Center, Work Activity Center, psychiatry and medication support. For more information please call (530) 822-7200.

    Patients' Rights Advocate
    Patients, family members, and friends of patients have an Advocate available to answer questions and respond to patient grievances. For further information, please call (530) 632-3202.

    Psychiatric Emergency Services
    Provides 24/7 evaluation and assistance to individuals experiencing: severe emotional distress and/or acute problems related to psychiatric disabilities. Call (530) 673-8255, 1-(888) 923-3800, or drop in at 1965 live Oak Blvd, Yuba City, CA.

    Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health Advisory Board
    The Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health Advisory Board is an advisory board comprised of mental health and substance abuse consumers, their families, and interested parties from the community. The Board meets monthly on the first Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at 1965 Live Oak Boulevard, Yuba City, CA. The public is welcome to attend.

    The Open Door Homeless Program
    The Open Door provides services for persons with severe psychiatric disabilities who are homeless and who may also need assistance connecting with necessary resources and services. Services are provided by contract with a local community-based organization. For additional information please call (530) 743-7313.

    Wellness & Recovery Center
    Recovery-oriented support and activities for adults with serious psychiatric disabilities. Areas of support include group therapy, social and recreational activities, independent living skills training, symptom management and medication education, recovering from co-occurring mental health and addiction issues, improving quality of life, reaching educational goals, obtaining employment, living a healthy lifestyle, building support networks, community reintegration, and accomplishing personal goals. For more information please call (530) 822-7200.

    Work Activity Center/Adult Education
    The Work Activity Center provides classes and activities for adults with serious psychiatric disabilities. Co-sponsored by Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Adult Education, this program offers classes in basic academic, prevocational and independent living skills, in addition to creative expression, recreational, and socialization activities. For additional information please call (530) 822-7200.
    Contact Information
    Asst. Director of Human Services for Mental Health: Tony Hobson
    Address: 1965 Live Oak Blvd., Suite A
    Yuba City, CA  95991
    Phone Number: (530) 822-7200
    Fax Number: (530) 822-7627
    Fax Number (2): (530) 822-7108
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