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Fish and Game Advisory Commission

Commission Members

  • Chuck Wyllie, Donald Manley, and Richard Libby (District 1)
  • Donald Priem and Thaddeus Eubanks (District 2)
  • Bruce Hutchinson, Larry Virga, and Robert Boucke (District 3)
  • Robert Gimblin, Bill McFarland, and Robert Ripley (District 4)
  • Ronald Benton (District 4 Alternate)
  • Danarae Doub-Reed, Jeff Smith, Tiffany Hutchinson, and James Stone (District 5)

Fish and Game Commission meetings are held at the Sutter County Health Department Auditorium, 1445 Veteran's Memorial Circle, Yuba City.

For questions regarding the agenda or for Commissioners that will miss a meeting please contact Chuck Wyllie, Commission Chair, (530) 671-9250 or Sutter County General Services Department at (530) 822-7473.