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Sutter County FY 2018-2019 Countywide Goals


Established by the Board of Supervisors on September 11, 2018

  1. Provide local government leadership which is open, responsive, ethical, inclusive, and transparent, while recognizing and respecting legitimate differences of opinion.
  2. Operate County government in a fiscally and managerially responsible manner to ensure Sutter County remains a viable and sustainable community to live, work, recreate, and raise a family.
  3. Maintain strong commitment to public safety (including Law Enforcement, District Attorney, Public Defender, Probation, Fire, Emergency Management, and related services).
  4. Provide responsive and cost-effective social services (with measurable results) to an increasingly diverse and complex society.
  5. Provide and enhance public infrastructure, including essential water, wastewater, other utilities, transportation systems (including “Farm to Market” roads), and achieve best possible flood protection for entire County region, including upgrading necessary levees to obtain reasonable flood insurance coverage to all residents, businesses, and property owners.
  6. Remain committed to community and cultural programs and services, such as Library, Museum, and Veterans services.
  7. Reduce number of County facilities and ensure that all buildings are maintained at high standards to “lead by example” for other governmental agencies and private sector companies to emulate.
  8. Protect, support, and enhance Sutter County’s rich agricultural base.
  9. Work in partnership with applicable property owners, developers, and service providers to ensure timely implementation of Sutter Pointe Specific Plan.
  10. Implement forward-thinking and “Best Management Practices” to ensure that County’s workforce will deploy successful succession planning necessary to enable County’s employment base to become more reflective of community’s changing demographics.

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