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Sutter County FY 2018-2019 Countywide Top Five Priorities


Adopted By Board of Supervisors September 11, 2018

  • Priority #1:
    Leadership – Complete long-term Organizational Strategic Plan; Complete Employee Succession Plan; Empower Executive Team; Develop Employee Engagement Program; Implement Performance Benchmarks/Dashboard Metrics; and, Establish a Board of Supervisors “Executive Committee.”
  • Priority #2:
    Budget/Finance – Prepare long-term Financial Strategic Plan (including a strategy to achieve a structurally balanced General Fund Budget); Ensure FY 2019-20 Countywide Operating & Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Budget documents comply with GFOA and CSMFO’s Best Management Practices; Complete review to convert to a biennial (two-year) budget process; Prepare Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for FY 2018-19; Provide semi-annual Pension and OPEB Liabilities reports; and, Establish a Board of Supervisors “Finance & Budget Committee.”
  • Priority #3:
    Facilities – Complete Countywide Facilities Master Plan; Complete architectural design of Health & Human Services Building at 850 Gray Avenue; and, Complete Jail Expansion Project.
  • Priority #4:
    Homelessness – Implement Long-Term Homeless Management Plan; Decide location, configuration, and initial services associated with a temporary shelter facility; and, Partner with other Yuba-Sutter agencies to develop a permanent long-term shelter.
  • Priority #5:
    Sutter Pointe Specific Plan – Continue to work with property owners and developers to process residential, industrial, and commercial development applications; Prepare comprehensive financial, environmental, and public infrastructure analysis to ensure compliance with Sutter Pointe Development Agreement requirements (including high quality development standards); and, Cooperate with applicable outside agencies as part of the due diligence process.

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