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Sutter County FY 2020-21 Countywide Top Priorities


Adopted By Board of Supervisors February 25, 2020

    Sutter County is committed to the continued development of a strong leadership culture at all levels of the organization.
    1. Provide leadership development.
      1. Offer incentives/recognition for executive leaders to obtain CSAC Senior Executive Credential.
      2. Implement quarterly training for executive leaders (department heads and assistant department heads).
      3. Develop a 12-month leadership development training program for future leaders.
    2. Improve employee engagement.
      1. Create and promote activities that encourage employee wellness.
      2. Conduct employee engagement survey, and engage department work teams to address the results.
    3. Deliver meaningful employee performance appraisals.
      1. Complete employee performance appraisals in a timely manner (i.e., 90% of employee evaluations are completed within 30 days of the due date).
      2. Revamp existing employee performance appraisal process.
  2. Economic Development:
    Sutter County actively pursues economic development opportunities.
    1. Designate a specific economic development position.
      1. Develop and analyze cost, pros and cons of creating an Economic Development Manager position.
      2. Analyze ability to obtain additional economic development assistance from professional firms/contractors.
    2. Analyze development fees and effect on regional development.
      1. Hold study session to explore current fees, current and future use of fees and comparison to regional agencies.
    3. Analyze current zoning code to explore opportunities to attract businesses specific to Agriculture.
      1. Report any possible changes that could attract/ease relocation of agriculture-related businesses to Sutter County.
  3. Homelessness:
    Sutter County efforts minimize the impact homelessness has on the quality of life in our community.
    1. Eliminate camping in undesignated areas.
      1. Allocate locations for homeless services and living space
      2. Maintain outreach with homeless residence, local service providers, and neighbors.
    2. Engage non profits/service organizations.
      1. Facilitate a summit.
    3. Preventative Measures.
      1. Development of affordable housing
      2. Ensure available services (substance abuse counseling etc.) are advertised and readily available.
  4. Budget and Finance:
    Sutter County maintains essential services regardless of current economic conditions.
    1. Adopt and implement a Financial Strategic Plan.
      1. Develop a budget and finance policy that includes direction on reserve
      2. Develop a policy for managing the County’s debt
    2. Engage Board in budget development process
      1. Conduct budget study session as part of budget development process
  5. Facilities:
    Sutter County Facilities are safe, accessible, and efficient.
    1. Establish and maintain a Capital Improvement Plan
      1. Inventory and assess
    2. Adopt and implement a Facilities Master Plan
      1. Identify assets
      2. Study session with Board
    3. Update Development Impact Fees
      1. AB 1600 report (can combine with development fee study session for economic development goals)
    4. Campus Consolidation
      1. Utilize facilities master plan to continue developing plans for department/service consolidation.
  6. Sutter Pointe:
    Sutter Pointe is an attractive and viable residential, commercial and industrial development.
    1. Analyze ability to develop infrastructure to ensure commercial/industrial viability within Sutter Pointe Specific Plan area.
      1. Continue working with consultant to develop infrastructure development plans for Board consideration.
    2. Ensure land within the Natomas Basin is available for Sutter County development mitigation.
      1. Appoint and fill all Sutter County board seats on Natomas Basin Conservancy Board.
      2. Ensure appropriate staff and/or contractors are engaged in monitoring and commenting on uses of mitigation land within the NBC area and reporting that information to the Board of Supervisors.
    3. Work with developers to assist in development of residential properties within Sutter Pointe Specific Plan area.
      1. Continue meeting and consulting with residential developers and efficiently processing related documents and studies as needed.

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