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Sutter County Countywide Top Ten Priorities


Established by the Board of Supervisors on June 13, 2017

  • Priority #1:
    Direct Executive Team to prepare long-term Organization Strategic Plan (including County Mission statement and Customer Service Philosophy) and Employee Succession Plan by March 30, 2018.
  • Priority #2:
    Develop and implement a long-term Homeless Management Plan (with measurable target dates) by December 31, 2017, and provide quarterly updates.
    More Information on Priority #2
  • Priority #3:
    Complete comprehensive County Facilities Master Plan (with measurable target dates) by December 31, 2017; Complete transition of District Attorney's Office and Child Support Services to new building locations by June 30, 2018; Complete Jail Expansion Project by March 30, 2019; obtain approval to consolidate multiple Health & Human Services Department functions into a new location by December 31, 2017; and, submit a report of consolidated public safety dispatch by June 30, 2018.
  • Priority #4:
    Ensure compliance with Sutter Pointe Specific Plan and related environmental requirements when development commences.
  • Priority #5:
    Conduct thorough review of County’s existing Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance and recommend potential revisions (including potential options for expanded indoor plantings, different types of crops, new revenues [increased fees and sales taxes], etc.) and provide report to Board of Supervisors by June 30, 2018.
  • Priority #6:
    Starting with Fiscal Year 2018-2019, prepare traditional Operating and Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Budget documents and County’s first Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR); Prepare a plan to achieve a structurally balanced budget by June 30, 2018; Provide semi-annual reports to Board of Supervisors on County’s pension and OPEB liabilities; and, submit proposal to prepare long-term Financial Strategic Plan by June 30, 2018.
  • Priority #7:
    Review County’s land use plans, and suggest revisions, for areas along State Highway 99 north and south of Yuba City boundaries; Present proposal for designated area (or areas) for truck stop and related land use by December 31, 2017; and, Conduct an analysis and present options for improved code enforcement of businesses in unincorporated areas by December 31, 2017.
  • Priority #8:
    Continue to work with Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency (SBFCA), State Department of Water Resources, and local levee and reclamation districts, and other government agencies to complete ongoing Countywide levee improvement projects and obtain funding for future levee projects; and, Work to obtain improved flood protection insurance designation from federal government for regions of County with less than 100-year flood protection.
  • Priority #9:
    Improve communication to better explain to residents and businesses what services County provides; Improve County’s website and social media to allow for user-friendly interaction; Provide employee training with respect to customer service, civic engagement, etc.; and, Submit options to conduct a “Community Survey” by February 28, 2018.
  • Priority #10:
    Resolve all outstanding Sutter County Airport land use issues by June 30, 2018.

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