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Seed Services

Sunflower The Department enforces and ensures compliance with the California Food and Ag Code, Section 52288, California Seed Law. This program protects vegetable and field crop growers, retail and wholesale establishments, as well as urban and rural landscapers in the seed buying or selling business. Inspections are regularly performed by county staff certified in California seed regulations and who work cooperatively with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Retail-Wholesale Establishments

Bowls of Seeds The Department performs inspections at retail and wholesale establishments that sell seed in California within the accordance of the California Seed Law. County Inspectors evaluate and regulate compliance of product labeling requirements set forth by the Food and Agricultural Code. Inspectors can facilitate evaluation of seed product contents through lab analysis from the California Department of Food and Agriculture for consumer protection.

Seed Sampling Procedures

Black Beans The Department provides Official Seed Sampling Services for growers, wholesalers and industry related businesses requesting seed samples. These samples are taken for lab analysis for germination, purity, seed moisture etc., by the California Department of Food and Agriculture's Seed Laboratory. Other types of seed sampling services provided by the county include: Service Samples and Seed Sampling for Phytosanitary Export Certification. All sampling procedures used are adhered to and set forth within the California Code of Regulations.

Harvester / Mill / Warehouse Inspections

Harvester and Farm The Department provides cleanliness inspections for certification purposes in association with the California Crop Improvement Association (CCIA) for growers and processors. Inspectors will attest to the "cleanliness" of harvesters, mills, warehouses and other seed and grain companies for certification and quality standards.

Quarantine Compliance Inspections

California Regulations require seed shipments coming into Sutter County from out of state businesses to be inspected for quarantine compliance. These inspections are conducted to assure labeling requirements, seed efficacy requirements and protection from pest infestation for the residents of Sutter County and the citizens of California. This process minimizes the sale of illegal unregistered labelers and eliminates the introduction of inferior or substandard seed. To provide notification for receipt of out of state seed shipment, please contact us at (530) 822-7500.