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Drought Information

Drought Information Sutter County, like the rest of California, is in the third year of extreme drought. The Board of Supervisors has declared a state of local emergency and is asking residents and business to voluntarily cut back on water use by 20 percent. A Sutter County Drought Task Force has been formed to monitor the situation, advocate conservation, and prepare for response to developments.

Despite some rain late in the season, we would need another 52 inches between now and October 1 to make up for the lack of rainfall in the past three years. North state reservoirs are less than two-thirds of their historic average, and there is virtually no snow pack in the Sierra Nevada.

Water deliveries to some farms have decreased and the cost of food is expected to rise. Homeowners and businesses on wells may be at risk in some areas. The state’s electrical supply may be sorely tested this summer. There is increased risk of fire in the mountains from tinder dry conditions.

Below are links to important information about the status of the drought, what local and state government agencies are doing, and what you can do to understand and respond to the drought.

Details of the Drought


Drought Monitor

Sutter County is in an extreme drought. Check the following map for details:

Governor’s Declaration of Drought

State of Local Emergency

Sutter County and Live Oak have each declared states of local emergency:

Weekly Incident Objectives

Sutter County Office of Emergency Management’s report to the California Office of Emergency Management, updated weekly:

What You Need To Know

Reservoir Conditions

Surveys for Business and Homes


Take the Drought Survey

Do you know how much water you use and what you would do if...

Helpful Links for Conserving Water


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