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Heed the Call

Ready for Action Phase

Action Checklist
  • An Advisory Evacuation Notice MAY NOT be issued for your basin. If an Advisory Evacuation Notice is issued, it may not allow sufficient time for you to complete all your preparatory actions. If your business requires additional time to prepare, you should consider beginning your preparations early - before an Advisory Evacuation Notice is issued.
  • REMEMBER, once a Mandatory Evacuation Order is issued, access to the area will be restricted and you will not be permitted to return until conditions permit.
  • Implement this checklist when the "Ready for Action" phase is reached in your basin or when an Advisory Evacuation Notice is issued, whichever occurs first.
  • Remember that you alone are responsible for safe-guarding your property.
  • Meet with your employees. Notify key customers and suppliers.
  • Unplug electrical equipment and raise it off the floor.
  • Raise elevators to the second floor and turn them off.
  • Remove toilets and close off sewers and floor drains.
  • Remove and / or safeguard all toxic or hazardous chemicals.
  • Empty safes and remove cash from site.
  • Records to remove from site: accounts receivable, general ledger, tax returns, checks, customer lists and orders, important contracts and other legal documents.
  • Protect the bottom two drawers of filing cabinets and desks by moving them to a higher location in the office.
  • Move your inventory to higher levels, move it off-site, or into trucks.
  • Move your critical equipment to a higher place but DO NOT Block Levee Roads or Access. Even heavy outside equipment may be carried away by rushing flood water; it should be secured or moved.
  • Take photographs of your completed preparations for insurance purposes and to provide history for your next annual training
  • Listen and watch local media broadcasts for Advisory Evacuation Notices and Mandatory Evacuation Orders to be issued.