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Time Is Running Out

Emergency Phase

Action Checklist
  • With the greater likelihood of a Mandatory Evacuation Order being issued in this phase, business owners should complete any final preparatory actions and prepare to leave the area.
  • An Advisory Evacuation Notice was probably issued some time ago, and preparatory actions should have been started then.
  • Your employees, livestock and vehicles, should be on higher ground.
  • Nail plywood in place to protect low windows and doors to at least 4 feet.
  • Be sure your doors, gates, and windows are locked to minimize looting.
  • Consider shutting off your electricity and natural gas if you know how to do so.
  • After you have completed ALL preparatory actions consider helping you neighbor.
When a Mandatory Evacuation Order is issued:
Do not panic!
Leave the area via the routes given as part of the Mandatory Evacuation Order.

Stay Calm and Do Not Panic!