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Know When to Act


Phases Defined

Sutter County Slow Rise River Flood Threat Outline of Emergency Activation Phases
Basin Monitoring Station Planning & Preparation Phase Ready for Action Phase Emergency Phase
Meridian Sutter By-Pass @ Longbridge < 50.5 >= 50.5 > 56.6
Meridian Sacramento River @ Colusa Bridge < 66.5 >= 66.5 > 70.0
Robbins Sacramento River @ Tisdale < 51.0 >= 51.0 54.0
Robbins Sacramento River @ Knights Landing < 40.0 >= 40.0 > 43.5
Southeast County Basins Feather River @ Nicolaus < 42.6 >= 42.6 > 46.4
Yuba City & Live Oak Basins Feather River @ 5th St. Bridge < 70.0 >= 70.0 > 77.0

Maps showing all station locations are available in the Basin Maps section.

  • The Planning and Preparation occurs below the river level shown. It corresponds to an action stage in the City/County Plan.
  • The Ready for Action Phase occurs after the river levee shown is reached and continues as long as the river is high.
  • The Emergency Phase occurs after the river exceeds the level shown. At this point, there is a greater likelihood that a Mandatory Evacuation Order will be issued soon. Prepare to leave the area.
  • To determine which phase is in effect, please listen to a local radio or television station for the reported river levels and then review the above chart.
  • Recommended actions to take in each phase must be considered when preparing for the possibility of flooding. Take action when YOU need to! Only you are responsible for protecting your property and inventory.

If you need assistance or have questions about planning please call one of the following:

  • Sutter County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) at (530) 822-7400
  • Yuba City Fire Department at (530) 822-4698

Develop a four-phase Flood Plan for your business and review it on an annual basis. Customize this guide or prepare your own documents that will remind you of all the steps to take when the potential for flooding is high. In your plan, have steps to take for each phase:

  • Planning and Preparation Phase
  • Ready for Action Phase
  • Emergency Phase
  • After Flooding and Recovery Phase