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Know What It Means

Emergency Terms Defined

Advisory Evacuation
  • Conditions exist such that a Mandatory Evacuation Order MAY be given in the near future.
  • The threat to lives is Not Yet Imminent
  • Due to the potential for rapidly changing conditions to develop into a serious threat, you are advised to prepare for the issue of a Mandatory Evacuation Order.
  • Business Owners are ADVISED to take whatever precautions they deem necessary for protecting equipment and/or inventory. Businesses with large volumes of inventory that is difficult to move should consider taking action before an Advisory and a Mandatory Evacuation Notice is issued. The time between an Advisory and a Mandatory evacuation is always indeterminate and may be only a few hours.
  • Residents are ADVISED to leave the area. Those with special evacuation needs, such as care homes, or those with special transportation needs are particularly encouraged to leave as soon as possible after the Advisory Evacuation is issued.
  • Access to the area under an Advisory Evacuation is UNRESTRICTED.

Advisory Evacuation Notices may also be issue when a Mandatory Evacuation Order has been lifted in an area but the conditions in the area remain subject to rapid change and could again become serious.

Mandatory Evacuation
  • Conditions exist that SERIOUSLY IMPERIL or ENDANGER the lives of those in a defined area.
  • The Danger is IMMINENT!
  • All non-essential persons are ordered to immediately leave the area via the described evacuation routes. Generally, residents will not be forcibly removed from their own property; however, those found to be on the property of another, or on a public roadway, may be subject to arrest or removal from the area.
  • Once out of the area, people (including residents) will not be permitted to return until conditions permit.
  • Any non-essential persons found by officials traveling through, or loitering in, the area will be escorted out and not permitted to re-enter the area.
  • Those found to be interfering with the disaster response are SUBJECT TO ARREST.

All Clear to Return
  • The danger that caused an Advisory or Mandatory Evacuation to be issued has completely passed.
  • An All Clear Notice is given through the same channels that the evacuations were given (Local radio and television broadcasts.)
  • If flooding has actually occurred in an area, there may be hazardous materials and other dangers present. Be sure to follow instructions on the proper ways to clean and dispose of flooded materials and debris. Refer to this guide and other handouts prepared by a variety of assistance agencies.

Dust to Dawn Curfew
  • Issued in evacuation areas and disaster relief areas (such as shelter areas) where movement needs to be restricted to protect the public safety.
  • Those found to be in violation of the curfew are subject to arrest.
  • Curfews are issued and lifted through the same channels as evacuations.
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