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Preparation for a Possible Evacuation Order


Do the following
  • Store drinking water in closed clean containers.
  • If flooding is likely, and time permits, move essential items of furniture and personal items to the upper floors of your home.
  • Safeguard valuables and important papers.
  • Have emergency items listed in check list collected and ready.

If you are caught
by suddenly rising water, move to the second floor or to the roof. Take warm clothing, a flashlight, and portable radio with you. WAIT for help . . . don't try to swim to safety. Rescue teams will be looking for you.

If you are outside the house
remember floods are deceptive. Try to avoid flooded areas, and don't attempt to walk through floodwater.

try to drive over a flooded road. You could be stranded and trapped.

If your vehicle stalls
abandon it IMMEDIATELY and seek higher ground. Many people drown while trying to rescue their cars.