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If Your Home Has Been Flooded

    Assume all lines are live. Call your power company and let trained crews deal with these hazards.
  • Do not use food (canned or fresh) that has come in contact with flood waters.
  • Be sure drinking water is safe. Boil vigorously for ten minutes or disinfect by adding ½ teaspoon liquid chlorine bleach per 2½ gallons water (let stand at least five minutes). DO NOT depend on a home water "purifier" to decontaminate unsafe water.
  • If you are injured or need medical care, seek medical care at the nearest aid station or hospital.
  • Do not sightsee in flooded area. Your presence will hamper rescue and other emergency operations, and you might be in danger.
  • Do not handle live electrical equipment in wet areas. If electrical equipment or appliances have been in contact with water, do not use them until PG&E tell you they are safe.
  • Use flashlights, not lanterns or matches to examine buildings as flammables may be inside.
  • Report broken utility water and sewer lines to police, fire or other appropriate authorities.
  • Stay tuned to radio or television for vital information.