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Clerk Recorder / Registrar of Voters / Clerk of the Board


Donna Johnston

Sutter County

Donna Johnston

Donna Johnston is the elected Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters and Ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors for Sutter County, serving since 2008. In addition, she currently serves as the President for the County Recorders’ Association of California, as well as the Information Systems Chair. Donna also serves as the Treasurer of the California Association of Clerks and Elections Officials (CACEO), as well as the Certification and Training co-Chair which trains elections officials across California. Donna also serves on the 3D PDF Consortium Standards Board, which develops and promotes high quality standards, recommends practices, technical reports and industry specifications for information professionals

She is a certified State Registered Elections Official (REO) and holds the Auburn University Certified Elections Registration Administration (CERA) credential. Donna was selected to represent CACEO on the Fair Political Practices Commission’s Enforcement Review Task Force to review the Commission’s enforcement policies and practices. Donna also holds a California Association of Counties California County Senior Executive credential.

Donna has an accounting background and has worked in county government since 1990. During this time, she has worked in various fields such as accounting, purchasing, behavioral health and information technology. She is a member of CRAC, CACEO and CCBSA, the County Clerks of the Board of Supervisors Association. She has taught Microsoft Office courses for local junior colleges since 2000, and holds a Microsoft Office Certified Master Instructor credential.

During her time as the Clerk/Recorder, the office has digitized records for easier access to the public and has enhanced web services for Sutter County citizens. The office completed a Military Service Records Assistance Project to reduce time for veterans seeking to obtain their needed benefits by replacing recorded Sutter County documents that had been destroyed in a 1973 fire at the National Records Center. Service These records allow those veterans to document their service to our country and to receive the benefits they sacrificed so much to earn. The elections office has successfully conducted elections during her tenure and has increased voter outreach and input from Sutter County citizens regarding the elections process. In April 2019, new voting equipment was approved for use in the 2020 Presidential elections, replacing equipment from 2005.



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