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Help for the new Voter

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  • You have registered to vote!

    1. In four to six weeks, you will receive in the mail a Voter Notification card. This will notify you that the Elections Division now has your registration card on file and requests that you check the information to be sure that it is correct.

    2. Between forty and twenty-one days before an election, the Elections Division will send you a sample ballot pamphlet that will contain the information about the candidates and ballot measures on which you will vote. The address of the polling place will be shown on the mailing label of the sample ballot pamphlet back cover. Also, the state ballot pamphlet will be sent to you by the Secretary State's office before every Primary and General Election.

    3. After you have read the sample ballot and/or ballot pamphlet and you feel that you are informed on each issue and candidate, mark your sample ballot, Take the sample ballot pamphlet with you into the voting booth on Election day to save time.


  • How do I vote at my polling place?

    1. The location of your polling place can be found on the back cover of your sample ballot pamphlet. You can also locate your polling place online.

    2. Once at the polling place announce your name and address to the Election Office who will check to see if your name is on the Roster. When your name is located, the Elections Officer will ask you to sign your name in the Roster.

    3. After you have signed your name in the Roster, you will be given an activator card to take to a voting machine to vote or you will be given a paper ballot to take to a voting booth to vote.

    Vote only for one candidate in each office unless the instructions on the ballot state that you may vote for more. Vote YES or NO for each measure. NOTE: You do not have to vote on every candidate or issue. If you do not know how to vote on a particular candidate or issue, you may leave it blank. Your ballot will still be counted.

    To vote for a qualified write-in candidate, you must write his or her name in the blank space provided at the bottom of the appropriate office and connect the arrow. The Elections Officer will have a list of qualified write-in candidates for your reference.

    You may take your sample ballot and any other information that will help you make a decision while voting into the voting booth. If you feel that you need assistance, a person of your choice may be with you while you vote.


  • How do I vote by mail?

    Any registered voter may choose to vote by mail instead of voting at their polling place on Elections Day. The Elections Division must have a signed request in writing for a Vote by Mail ballot in order to mail a ballot to a voter. Ballots may be mailed anywhere in the world. Voted ballots must be received by the Elections Division by 8:00 p.m. on Elections Day in order to be counted. A post mark is not sufficient. The Vote by Mail ballot envelope must be signed by the voter in order to be counted. The signature is verified on every Vote by Mail ballot received by the Elections Division.

    If you have spoiled your ballot and wish another sent to you, please call the elections office at (530) 822-7122.


  • How do I request a Vote by Mail ballot?

    You will receive a sample ballot pamphlet in the mail approximately 4-5 weeks prior to an election. The back cover of the sample ballot will have an application to request a Vote by Mail ballot. If you complete, sign and mail the application to the Elections Division so that we receive it prior to the 7th day before the election, we will mail your ballot to the address specified on the application. If you receive your ballot at a P.O. Box, you must indicate your residence address.

    It is not necessary to wait for your sample ballot to request a Vote by Mail ballot. You may request a ballot on your plain piece of paper and mail it to: Sutter County Elections, 1435 Veterans Memorial Circle, Yuba City, CA 95993 or fax (530) 822-7587 or call (530) 822-7122. Please write legibly and include.

    The election you are requesting a ballot for
    Your full name
    Your residence address
    The address you would like your ballot mailed to
    Your signature and the date of the request
    Telephone number (optional)


  • How do I return my voted ballot?

    You may return your completed Vote By Mail ballot by mail, by bringing it into the Elections Division or by dropping it off at any Sutter County polling place on Elections Day. If you are unable to return your ballot yourself, you may have a relative (spouse, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, brother or sister) deliver the ballot for you. You must write the person's name who is delivering your ballot on the envelope and that person also signs the envelope upon delivery to the Elections Office. Be sure that you have signed your ballot envelope or we cannot count your ballot.

    The Elections Division will begin mailing out requested Vote by Mail ballots 29 days before the election and continuing until the 7th day prior to the election. A voter may come into the office and pick up their ballot starting on the 29th day. We will also accept voted ballots beginning on the 29th day.

    Because of the mail time to get the ballot to you in time to mail the voted ballot back by 8:00 p.m. on elections night, requests received after the 7th day before an election will not be mailed out. After the 7th day a voter is eligible to fill out a special request indicating that he/she will not be able to go to the polls on Election Day and the voter can receive a Vote by Mail ballot over the counter.


  • How do I determine the status of my returned ballot?

    You may either contact the Elections Office at (530) 822-7122 or you can look-up your Vote By Mail ballot status online at: .


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