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Child Support Frequently Asked Questions


These are questions often asked about child support services. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please call Child Support Services at 1-866-901-3212.

Q: Who is eligible for services?
A: Any parent or guardian can apply for child support services by visiting the Sutter County Department of Child Support Services at 543 Garden Hwy., Yuba City. An application may be requested by mail or by calling 1-866-901-3212. Parents or guardians receiving public assistance will automatically be referred to the department by the CALWorks/TANF office Services.
Q: What type of documentation is required to open a child support case?
A: One important piece of information is the non-custodial parent's social security number. Other items would include place of employment, home and work address, date of birth and any prior court order information. If you are not receiving CALWorks, your most recent employment information would also be required.
Q: Why is it important to establish parentage?
A: The Court cannot order the non-custodial parent to pay child support until parentage is legally established. It may also be important in regards to social security or veterans' benefits.
Q: Can Child Support Services assist with health insurance?
A: The department will request that the Court require the non-custodial parent to provide health insurance for the child(ren). The Court will order the non-custodial parent to provide health insurance if it is available at a reasonable cost. The Court may also order each parent to pay one-half of all uninsured health care costs.
Q: Can Child Support Services assist with spousal support orders?
A: When the child(ren) and the custodial parent are living together, the department will enforce both child and spousal support. If the children and the custodial parent are not living together, the department will enforce past-due child support and past-due spousal support. When child support terminates, and the spousal support order remains in effect, the department will not enforce spousal support only.
Q: How does the department collect child support?
A: To collect a child support obligation, we need to know where the non-custodial parent is working. We will then serve a Wage Assignment so that the obligation is automatically deducted from his or her wages. If you know where the non-custodial parent is working please inform us via email, e-mail or phone, and we will serve a Wage Assignment, The Department also has other legal means of collecting and enforcing child support orders including, suspensions of driver's and other professional licenses, liens on real or personal property and various other civil and criminal remedies.
Q: How do I get child support order modified?
A: Either party may request a review of the child support order for modification by contacting the department and requesting the required documents. Once the documents are completed, and all required information is obtained, the department will review the child support order for modification. There are certain criteria which must be met in order for the department to agree to modify support.

Either party also maintains the option of filing their own motion with the court at any time. Parties wishing to file their own motions should contact a private attorney or their county's Family Law Facilitator to assist them. Sutter County's Family Law Facilitator is located at 403 Second Street, Room 106, Yuba City and can be reached by telephone at (530) 822-3305.
Q: If I am the custodial party, can I close my case?
A: If the custodial party wants to close the child support case with the department, the request should be in writing either by mail or by fax to the appropriate office. If the custodial party is not receiving public assistance, the case can be closed. If the custodial party is receiving public assistance, or there are public assistance arrears, the case cannot be closed at the request of the custodial party.