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Fire Districts


Fire Districts There are six different fire districts in the County; three of them are Board-dependent districts that are known as County Service Areas (CSA's), they are CSA-F, CSA-C and CSA-D. There are two independent districts that have their own governing boards, they are: Meridian Fire Department and Robbins Fire Department (Sutter Basin). Then there is the City of Yuba City Fire Department.

Fire District Contact Details:
East Nicolaus Fire Dept (CSA-C)
1988 Nicolaus Avenue
East Nicolaus, CA 95622
Phone: (530) 656-2261
Live Oak Fire Station (CSA-F)
2745 Fir Street
Live Oak, CA 95953
Phone: (530) 695-3522
Meridian Fire Protection District
1100 Third Street
Meridian, CA 95957
Phone: (530) 696-2306
Oswald-Tudor Fire Station (CSA-F)
1280 Barry Road
Yuba City, CA 95991
Phone: (530) 673-2804
Pleasant Grove Fire Dept (CSA-D)
3100 Howsley Road
Pleasant Grove, CA 95668
Phone (916) 655-3937
P.O. Box 68
Robbins, CA 95676
Phone: (530)738-4220
Sutter Fire Station (CSA-F)
2340 California Street
Sutter, CA 95982
Phone: (530) 755-0266
Yuba City Fire Dept (CSA-G)
824 Clark Avenue
Yuba City, CA 95991
Phone: (530) 822-4686