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2013-2021 Housing Element


On February 25, 2014, the Sutter County Board of Supervisors adopted a 2013-2021 Housing Element. The new Housing Element will become effective March 27, 2014.

After its adoption, the Housing Element was submitted to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for the required certification process. On March 7, 2014, HCD issued a certification letter to Sutter County stating the adopted Housing Element is in full compliance with State Housing law. The adopted 2013-2021 Housing Element, Board of Supervisors resolution, and the HCD certification letter are linked below:

Housing Element Background, Purpose, and State Law Requirements


The housing element of the general plan is a comprehensive statement by Sutter County of its current and future housing needs and proposed actions to facilitate the provision of housing to meet the needs of the County's residents at all income groups. The purpose of the housing element is to establish specific goals, policies, and quantified objectives relative to the provision of housing and to adopt an implementation program action plan to accomplish the intentions. In addition, the County's Element identifies and analyzes housing resources and constraints to meet the needs. Sutter County has adopted the 2013-2021 Housing Element to address State law requirements and statutory regulations. California State law (Government Code Sections 65580 through 65589) mandates the contents of the housing element. By law, the housing element must contain:

  • an assessment of housing needs and an inventory of resources and constraints relevant to meeting those needs;
  • a statement of the community's goals, quantified objectives, and policies relevant to the maintenance, preservation, improvement, and development of housing; and
  • a program that sets forth a schedule of actions during the planning period, each with a timeline for implementation, which may recognize that certain programs are ongoing, such that there will be beneficial impacts of the programs within the planning period, that the local government is undertaking or intends to undertake to implement the policies and achieve the goals and objectives of the housing element.
The housing element must also:
  • be consistent with other general plan elements;
  • provide clear policy and direction for making decisions pertaining to zoning, subdivision approval, housing allocations, and capital improvements;
  • identify adequate residential sites available for a variety of housing types for all income levels;
  • assist in developing adequate housing to meet the needs of extremely low, very low-, low- and moderate-income households;
  • address governmental constraints to housing maintenance, improvement, and development;
  • conserve and improve the condition of the existing affordable housing stock;
  • promote housing opportunities for all persons; and
  • preserve assisted housing developments for lower income households.

Housing Related Links


The following links are for agencies that provide services related to housing issues. They are provided here as a resource for Sutter County residents:

Contact Information

For more information on the Housing Element or to provide comments, contact Steve Geiger, Senior Planner, with the Development Services Department at (530) 822-7400, or Email Planning Services