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Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and the Flood Insurance Study (FlS) for Sutter County

Flood Insurance Study The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) produces and continuously updates flood hazard data in support of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). In July of 2015 FEMA issued an updated Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for Sutter County (Unincorporated Areas) and also issued new FIRMs for the Natomas Basin designating most of the basin as A99. After Natomas Basin levee improvements are completed and the levees are recertified FEMA will remap the Natomas Basin and the A99 areas will be changed to X Zones. Because of current design and construction progress on Sutter County levee systems the County does not anticipate any more FEMA remapping efforts within the next five years. The most current FIS along with the related FIRMs can be found below.

Current FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for Unincorporated Sutter County

FEMA Product ID Size
060394IND0B  200 KB (FIRM Map Index)
0603940025B  6.7 MB
0603940030B Not Printed by FEMA - All Zone X
0603940035B  2.5 MB
0603940040B Not Printed by FEMA - All Zone X
0603940045B  3.3 MB
0603940075B  3.6 MB
0603940080B Not Printed by FEMA - All Zone X
0603940085B  3.7 MB
0603940090B  5.3 MB
0603940095E  0.6 MB
0603940125B  5.4 MB
0603940150E Not Printed by FEMA - All Zone X
0603940175B  4.8 MB
0603940200E Not Printed by FEMA - All Zone X
0603940225E  1.3 MB
0603940250E  1.2 MB
0603940255E  2.0 MB
0603940265F  1.0 MB
0603940280C  2.6 MB
0603940575E  5.6 MB
0603940600E  30.1 MB
0603940605E  36.2 MB
0603940615E  33.9 MB
0603940650E Not Printed by FEMA - All Zone A
0603940695E  24.8 MB
0603940700E  24.0 MB
0603940705E  35.8 MB
0603940710E  33.7 MB
0603940715E  34.1 MB
0603940720E  28.3 MB
0603940730E  32.3 MB
0603940735E  29.4 MB
0603940785E  25.8 MB
0603940795E  21.7 MB
0603940805E  29.7 MB
0603940810F  30.8 MB
0603940815F  24.1 MB
0603940820F  29.9 MB
0603940840F  17.2 MB
0603940855F  6.0 MB
0603940860F  7.7 MB
0603940880F  4.4 MB