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Elevation Certificate

Because new buildings built in the floodplain are at risk of flood damage, elevating them is one of the most important requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). To ensure that a building is elevated above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE), the Federal Code of Regulations requires that the lowest floor of a new or substantially improved structure located within a floodplain be surveyed and an elevation certificate be obtained and kept by the local permit office.

Sutter County is required by FEMA to keep an official record that shows how high new buildings and substantially improved buildings were elevated. Having an elevation certificate for a building also allows the owner to obtain a flood insurance policy.

Since Sutter County is a participant in the Community Rating System (CRS), all new and substantially improved structures in Sutter County are required to use the current version of FEMA's Elevation Certificate Form. This form can be downloaded in electronic format or hard copies can be ordered from FEMA at the following website:

There is a software version of the FEMA Elevation Certificate. It can be ordered at no charge by calling the CRS order number, (317) 848-2898. If you use the software version, or keep elevation records on a computer database, you also need to keep the original signed "hard copy" of the surveyor's certification.

The County also keeps elevation certificates on file for many structures in the floodplain. Contact Sutter County – Water Resources at (530) 822-7400 for further information.