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Funded Programs

Funded Programs

The Commission funds a complimentary array of programs of prevention, early intervention, education and outreach to improve the physical and emotional health of young children and works collaboratively with many government and private organizations to provide services to children and their families in Sutter County. The Commission has identified four focus areas for service planning:
  • Parent Education and Support Services
  • Early Childhood Care and Development
  • Healthy Children
  • Integrated services for Families and Children
For each focus area the Commission has adopted a comprehensive set of goals and objectives. For a more complete description please refer to the Commission’s Strategic Plan also available on this website.

The Sutter County Children & Families Commission and it's programs are Tobacco Tax (Prop 10) funded programs.

Sutter County Smiles


Sutter County Smiles is the result of an Oral health Initiative approved by the Sutter County Children & Families Commission in January 2004. Oral health services are provided in partnership with Peach Tree Healthcare. For more information regarding oral health services for Sutter County pregnant women and children age 0-5, please call (530) 682-8428.

Bright Futures, Child Health and Development Screening


Bright Futures This monthly program provides FREE Health and Developmental Screenings to Sutter County children birth to age 5. The program provides an opportunity for parents to have their parenting and child development questions answered in a fun and relaxed environment, and if there is a need for additional services Bright Futures staff can provide help accessing the recommended service. Bright Futures has screened an average of over 2682 children since 2004. In 2005 Bright Futures was the winner of the National Association of Counties Acts of Caring Award which recognizes the top county volunteer programs in the country.

Smart Start, Kindergarten Transition Program


The Smart Start program continues the Commission’s commitment to school readiness services. The Yuba City Unified School District is the administrator of the program which continues to expand. The Smart Start program provides pre Kindergarten students with a wide variety of activities including academic readiness, socialization, self-help skills, physical development and enrichment activities in addition to health and dental assessments, immunizations and referral services. Families are offered literacy support services, parenting skills classes and information on community resources.

Smart Start will be held at several elementary schools in Sutter County starting in June 2012. Complete the interest flier and return it to your neighborhood school. For more information call 822-3207.

Child Development Behavioral Specialist


The Commission has committed to funding to a Child Development Behavioral Specialist to provide early screening and intervention for children under six in Sutter County who are exhibiting behavioral problems to the extent that they have been identified in pre-school, kindergarten, health or child care settings as in danger of failing. The goal is to help children successfully transition into the school setting.

This program serves all residents of Sutter County with children under the age of six. In most cases, difficult behavior can be corrected by improving the skills and understanding of the adults that interact with the child and establishing a plan to modify the behavior. In some cases, the child may need to be referred for specialized services.

For more information call (530) 822-7505.

Family SOUP, Special Needs Project


Family SOUP is a family resource center dedicated to supporting, encouraging and providing information and facilitated referral to families of children with special needs. We offer a variety of programs for parents / caregivers and children. The Special Needs Project is a program funded by the Sutter County Children & Families Commission. It provides services to families of children between the ages of zero and six. Our goal is to enhance school readiness of special needs children by providing their families with support and education.

Family SOUP serves children with special needs of any age. While Early Start and the Special Needs Project have age limitations, Family SOUP is able to provide similar supports and services to families regardless of age. We serve all disability and medical areas - if a parent feels they have a child with special needs their concern is real and we are here to help. For more information you can go the Family SOUP website.

Families Learning in Play (FLIP)


Families Learning in Play (FLIP) logo FLIP provides a variety of services to increase child and parent/caregiver community-based early learning programs for children 0 to 5 and their families.

FLIP families sign up for 6-week sessions, meeting weekly together where parent/caregiver and child will learn hands on skills to build toward school readiness. Playing, exploring and creating together with topics focused on variety of learning activities. Participating families receive free learning materials.

FLIP session options include: Parent-Infant Play, Parent-Toddler Play, Science and Health, Music, Math and Numeracy, Visual Arts, Language and Literacy, Movement, and Dance and Drama.

For more information call (530) 301-0623.