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Preventing Childhood Injuries

General Guidelines
  • Be Realistic. Teach your children safety rules at an early age, but don't expect them to remember to do or not do things that are beyond their age, no matter how many times you tell him or her, even if they do it "right" some of the time.
  • Inadequate supervision of young children is a major cause of childhood injuries and deaths due to unintentional injuries.
  • It is up to the parent or caregiver to make a safe environment for children, in the home, the car, the yard, etc.
  • To childproof a home, the parent must get down to the child's level, and crawl around looking for hazards that the child might get into. (You cannot see all of them from an adult's height)
  • Never Underestimate what a child will get into or how fast he can do it.
  • Be a Good Role Model so your children will imitate SAFE practices:
    • Wear YOUR seatbelt every time you are in the car
    • Cross streets with the lights
    • Use good safety practices around pools, lakes and rivers
    • Work safely with matches and fireplaces
    • Wear a helmet when riding a bike
Courtesy of the Sutter County Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health Program