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Forensic Services


Forensic Services provides psychiatric care, crisis intervention, and therapeutic services to youth and adults who are incarcerated at Camp Singer, Yuba-Sutter Juvenile Hall, and both Yuba and Sutter Counties Probation Departments.

Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Innovations AB109


Both Yuba and Sutter County Probation Departments are participating in a study with Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health. The MHSA-funded study is designed to determine what connection works best with adult probationers. In Sutter County, therapy starts while the individuals are in jail. In Yuba County, services begin after the individual is released from custody. Both counties are measuring the engagement of probationers in each setting. The probation officer determines access to services after consultation with the therapist. The therapists who work with the individual and the probation team provide therapy services, substance abuse treatment, group therapy, case management and referrals to psychiatric care.

Phone: (530) 822-7200

Juvenile Hall


Psychiatric care, crisis services, personal and family therapy, substance abuse treatment, group therapy and case management services are provided to incarcerated youth in the Juvenile Hall. A multi-disciplinary team from numerous agencies is formed to meet the needs of the child. Youth are linked to mental health groups and psychiatrists for medication, and connection to community resources is encouraged upon discharge.

Phone: (530) 822-7200

Camp Singer


Camp Singer is a longer-term program for incarcerated youth, designed to provide structure around many issues over the span of a year. Substance abuse groups, family and personal therapy, process groups and education are delivered to youth on a regular basis. Community volunteerism and field trips to college campuses are encouraged when youth are nearing release, to inspire making positive change at time of discharge.

Phone: (530) 822-7200