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Cal Fresh Healthy Living Program (formerly known as SNAP-Ed)


The CalFresh Healthy Living Program uses an evidence-based curricula that helps people lead healthier lives. CalFresh Healthy Living teaches people using or eligible for the CalFresh Program about good nutrition, how to make their food dollars stretch further and the importance of physical activity. All CalFresh Healthy Living Program curricula is designed by the California Department of Public Health. CalFresh Healthy Living curricula is as diverse as the population it serves, with materials for different age groups, ethnicities, races, cultural backgrounds, traditions, and languages.

The CalFresh Healthy Living Program also builds partnerships with all types of community organizations. We partner to conduct social marketing campaigns, teach nutrition education classes, and improve upon policies, systems, and the environment of the community.

The CalFresh Healthy Living Program works in Sutter County with local implementing agencies (LIAs) such as University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) and the Area of Aging Agency (AAA) to further teach nutrition education, physical activity, and eating on a budget, plus improving policies, systems, and the environment of the Sutter County’s residents. Examples of service sites are:

  • Schools
  • Head start
  • Local health fairs
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Public Housing
  • Homeless Shelters

Please see the resource links below for additional information:

For questions please contact the CalFresh Healthy Living Program at:
(530) 822-7215