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Information For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Public health information on public health concerns, emergency preparedness, and prevention for healthcare providers and other healthcare professionals.

Sutter County Public Health 24/7 emergency contact for health professionals: (530) 822-7215

Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Conditions to Sutter County Public Health


Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations mandates reporting of certain diseases and conditions to the local health officer. 17 CCR § 2500. These reports are confidential and the information carefully protected as required by law.

The current list of reportable diseases and conditions is available on the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) website at:  or request a printed copy by contacting the Sutter County Public Health CD Program at 822-7215.

Please note that some diseases are reportable immediately or same day by phone in addition to written or electronic reporting due to potential need for prompt public health action to prevent transmission and protect the public.

Contact information for diseases and conditions that require reporting by phone in addition to the written report:

  • During regular county business hours:
      Communicable disease control nurse or epidemiologist at (530) 822-7215
  • Afterhours, weekends and holidays 24/7, contact the Health Officer:
      Answering service for (530) 822-7215
      For public health emergencies, County Dispatch at (530) 822-7307

Confidential Morbidity Reports (CMRs) of reportable conditions may be made by faxing the completed CMR form or by secure electronic web-based reporting:

  • CMR Forms: Fax completed CMR to Sutter County Public Health confidential CD fax: 530-822-5980
    • CDPH 110 A  - This form is for reporting all conditions except Tuberculosis and conditions reportable to DMV.
    • CDPH 110 B  - This form is only for reporting Tuberculosis.
    • CDPH 110 C  - This form is for reporting lapses of consciousness or control, Alzheimer's disease or other conditions which may impair the ability to operate a motor vehicle safely - all conditions reportable to DMV (pursuant to H&S 103900).
  • CalREDIE Provider Portal: Confidential web-based CDPH disease electronic reporting is now available to providers in place of paper CMR reporting. For information about enrollment in CalREDIE, contact the Public Health Epidemiologist or Supervising Public Health Nurse at 822-7215.

For more information about reporting and notifiable diseases and conditions in California, go to the CDPH website at:

Failure to report is a misdemeanor (Health & Safety Code §120295) and is a citable offense under the Medical Board of California Citation and Fine Program (Title 16, CCR, §1364.10 and 1364.11).

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Contact Information

Health Officer:
Dr. Phuong Luu
1445 Veterans Memorial Circle
Yuba City, CA  95993
Phone Number:
(530) 822-7215