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County Medical Services Program (CMSP)


The County Medical Services Program (CMSP) provides limited-term health (up to 6 months) coverage for uninsured low-income adults that are not otherwise eligible for other publicly funded health programs.

Who is eligible?

  • Adults between 21 and 64 years old.
  • Legal residents & undocumented individuals
  • Persons cannot be eligible for Medi-Cal, Covered California, or Medicare
  • Coverage is available in 35 participating counties
  • Applicants can qualify with:
    • Incomes up to 300% FPL (Medi-Cal is up to 138%)
    • Reduced monthly-cost-sharing

The CMSP Program supports local health care systems in Sutter County, develops and implements strategies to reduce barriers between health care providers and systems, and promotes collaboration and system linkages that facilitate the effective delivery of health care services to enrolled CMSP members and potential CMSP members, and to additionally assist other persons receiving publicly funded health coverage.

The CMSP Program activities include:

  • Linking CMSP and Medi-Cal beneficiaries to behavioral health and other services available in Sutter County.
  • Assisting participants through the application and enrollment process for Medi-Cal and CMSP.
  • Expanding access to Dental Services covered under CMSP.
  • Facilitating diabetes self-management workshops ( Diabetes Empowerment Education Program, or DEEP ) in English and Spanish.
    • DEEP is a multi-cultural, bilingual, diabetes self-management curriculum that has been shown to be successful in helping participants take control of their disease and reduce the risk of complications. DEEP was developed for use in low-income, racial and ethnic minority populations.

Contact Information

Sutter County Health Education Program 1445 Veterans Memorial Circle
Yuba City, CA 95993
Phone Number: (530) 822-7215
Map: Show Location