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Successfully Housed


Byron and Richard


Byron (left) is an Army Special Forces veteran who became homeless due to a strained family relationship. He was able to secure a place to live in, but it was deemed uninhabitable leaving Byron living in the back of his truck. Byron loves to help his community by working alongside local churches and even when he was without stable and permanent housing, he was still providing meals to those less fortunate.

Richard (right) came into our program after living in his van for a few years. While in our program, Richard worked towards employment and successfully received his Food Handler’s card through Sutter County One Stop. Richard was able to become employed with a local veteran owned company.

Byron and Richard have been housed together in a two bedroom apartment since March!

Sutter County Homeless Successfully Housed Byron and Richard



Cheryl has been homeless since 2014. For years, she couch surfed at the homes of her friends and family. When she entered into the shelter program, Cheryl had been living out of her car for months. Cheryl went above and beyond as she reached all of her planned goals including successfully making all of her scheduled doctor’s appointments and working towards employment. Cheryl has currently been housed for over 6 months!

Sutter County Homeless Successfully Housed Cheryl

James and Christine


James and Christine entered into Better Way after spending three years living in a tent at the river bottoms and had the idea that this program was the bridge to get them out of homelessness and back into permanent housing. In the program, James was able to obtain and keep employment and Christine worked towards personal goals. As James stated, “Better together because we found a Better Way!”

Sutter County Homeless Successfully Housed



Kati has been experiencing homelessness for the past 10 years and was excited for a new opportunity with Better Way. While in the shelter program, Kati has been actively pursuing employment and hopes to secure employment at a local company.

Sutter County Homeless Successfully Housed

Pamela and Joris


Pamela and Joris have been together for 30 years now and have been homeless for the last 20 years, sleeping where they could- the River Bottoms, outside of churches and on the street outside of local businesses. While in our program, they were able to establish a medical provider and seek out medical care and were able to manage their income with the help of a payee. The couple was able to secure housing in under three months and have been successfully housed for over six months now!

Sutter County Homeless Successfully Housed Pamela and Joris



Ricky is an Army veteran who became homeless after his house was foreclosed on. While in our program, Ricky worked towards permanent housing by meeting with his case manager and housing navigator to work on successfully keeping his rental property month after month. Ricky has been housed since May!

Sutter County Homeless Successfully Housed