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Sutter County Public Health Data and Reports


Community Health Assessment


The first Sutter County Community Health Assessment was completed in 2019 and the first report is now available for review by members of the Sutter County community. The assessment involved conducting a comprehensive examination of our community and provides snapshot of the health of Sutter County community members. Readers will learn about major health issues--like cancer, heart disease, and sexually transmitted infections—as well as the social, environmental, and economic factors that influence health in Sutter County. Health data is an important part of this report, but information about community perceptions and experiences of health are also included as they provide a more complete, accurate assessment of how the county is doing.

Your thoughts and opinions about this report are important to us and will help ensure that we have included the answers to your most important questions about health in Sutter County and that the report is both accurate and readable for everyone who lives, works, or visits our community. Please take the time to review all or parts of the Community Health Assessment report and give us your feedback via the paper survey or by using the link below to access the online survey. We are also asking that you let others know about this report so that we can have as much community insight on the report as possible. Paper and digital versions are available to anyone for free, and we would love to assist you in getting this report to your colleagues, community partners, family members, and friends. So, please feel free to call us at (530) 822-7215 to learn about how to get more copies and ask any questions you might have.