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Public Health Laboratory Services


Sutter County Public Health (SCPH) provides access to the specialized testing of public health laboratories in partnership with local health care providers and public services for the residents of Sutter County. Testing services are coordinated through the SCPH Communicable Disease (CD) Control Program and can be reached by calling 822-7215.

Animal Rabies Testing

All animal bites and other situations where exposure to rabies might have occurred are coordinated through the Sutter Animal Services Agency (SASA). SASA receives all bite reports and other animal incident reports. SASA contacts SCPH if an animal needs rabies testing and SCPH coordinates the arrangements for testing at an accredited public health laboratory. For information about having an animal tested for rabies contact SASA:

Human Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

SCPH provides access to local healthcare providers to specialized testing for contagious diseases that is not ordinarily available in private medical laboratories. This testing is done by licensed public health laboratories and may be for tuberculosis, outbreaks or epidemics, or for unusual or rare contagious diseases or diseases that require difficult or complex testing. These services are offered only through healthcare providers and must be arranged by the SCPH Communicable Disease Control program and Health Officer. The CD Program can be reached by calling the main SCPH number and asking for the CD Control Program. SCPH can also be reached for CD emergencies after hours, weekends and holidays by calling the main number 822-7215.

Water Testing

Water testing services are provided by the City of Yuba City Public Water/Waste Water Laboratory. Information is available at:

Tick Identification and Testing

Tick testing for human exposures is not recommended or useful for evaluation whether a person may have been exposed to Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases. However, sometimes people want to know and have a tick examined.

For information about tick identification and testing, see the CDPH “Tick Testing – Questions and Answers”.