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Medi-Cal Health Navigator Program


The Medi-Cal Health Navigator Program is an outreach program that aims to assist members of the community in gaining access to Medi-Cal. Individuals and families are guided through the application process from start to finish. Current Medi-Cal recipients also receive assistance to retain their Medi-Cal coverage.

The Medi-Cal Health Navigator can help with:

  • Applying for Medi-Cal coverage
  • Assistance in obtaining verifications and providing them to Sutter County Health and Human Services-Employment and Eligibility Branch
  • Processing Medi-Cal applications to determine eligibility and activate benefits
  • Troubleshooting issues within the case
  • Help retaining Medi-Cal benefits so that they do not discontinue.

Who is eligible for Medi-Cal?

Medi-Cal is a program that is available for all Sutter County residents, both legal residents and undocumented individuals/families, whose income falls under the 138% Federal Poverty Line, for most programs. To see if you are eligible or to apply for Medi-Cal contact the Medi-Cal Health Navigator at 1-877-652-0735 or go to