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Sutter County Tobacco Control and Enforcement Program


Mission Statement

Breathe Easy Sutter No Smoking Or Vaping The mission of the Sutter County Tobacco Control Program is to improve the health of all Sutter County residents by reducing chronic disease, illness and premature death attributable to the use of tobacco products through policy, systems and environmental changes.

Program Information


Sutter County Tobacco Control is a program that addresses chronic disease and health disparities and works to increase awareness of the health risks of tobacco use. Sutter County Tobacco Control also works to counter pro-tobacco influences, reduce tobacco sales to youth under 21, refer smokers to cessation programs and assist communities to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke through policy, systems and environmental changes.

Tobacco Control staff conduct presentations in the community, participate in community events, provide retailer education trainings and in-store visits, conduct community wide health needs assessments and provide technical assistance to local business that wish to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke through smokefree policy implementation. Additionally, the Sutter County Tobacco Control Program offers free quit-kits and educational materials to the community.

The Tobacco Control Program participates in two local community coalitions, the Student Advocates for Sutter County (SASC) , and the Healthy & Safe Neighborhoods Coalition (HSNC) . The purpose of these coalitions is to engage community members and youth in grassroots community mobilization activities that promote social norm changes and educate the public about health issues related to tobacco use and tobacco industry strategies that promote tobacco use.

Tobacco Enforcement


California Department of Justice- Tobacco Enforcement Grant

The California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Act of 2016 (Proposition 56) provides local public agencies with funding to promote a healthier California by reducing illegal sales and marketing of cigarettes and tobacco products to minors. The grant funds are used to enforce state and local laws related to the illegal sale and marketing of tobacco products to minors and youth. This includes:

  • Retailer Compliance Checks
  • Retailer Training Programs
  • Parent/Student/Teacher/Admin education
  • Retailer Diversion Program

For more questions:
Health Program Specialist- Tobacco Enforcement
(530) 822-7215

Office Hours


Contact Information

Interim Health Education & Promotion Coordinator: Brian Cowan
Phone Number: (530) 822-7215

Health Program Specialist: Tammy Andersen
Phone Number: (530) 822-7215 ext. 229

Address: 1445 Veterans Memorial Circle
Yuba City, CA 95993