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Want To Quit Tobacco?


Although it is difficult to give up tobacco it can be done - about 3,500 Americans successfully stop using tobacco every day. The resources below can help! Quitting can improve not only your health, but also the health of everyone around you.

Local Cessation Programs


(Updated 9/3/2019)

  1. Adventist Health and Rideout "Stop Smoking, Chewing, and Vaping"

The California Smokers' Helpline is a FREE telephone program that can help you quit smoking or using other tobacco products.

Call 1-800-662-8887 or visit their website:
California Smokers Helpline

The American Lung Association of California:
American Lung Association

The American Cancer Society:
American Cancer Society

Women who are pregnant can get special support to help them quit via text messages. Sign up for Quit4Baby: