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Quit Smoking or Vaping


Are you ready to quit smoking? Visit California Smoker's Helpline and/or call 1-800-NO-BUTTS for FREE help to quit smoking. California Smoker's Helpline offers free telephone counseling, self-help materials, and online help in six languages to help you quit smoking.

Top Ten Tips To Quit SmokingYou Are Already One Step Closer

The California Smokers’ Helpline just released a new website - - to help teens and young adults quit vaping. The site has information on quitting, simulated counseling calls, and access to Helpline services, including a “tap to call” 1-844-8-NOVAPE.

The Helpline also released a new mobile app called NO VAPE, available on both iOS and Android devices. Please download the app and give it a review!

The Helpline is excited to share these new quit vaping tools.

Finding Freedom from Smoking

Rideout Health's Community Health Education Program provides a freedom from smoking class to help you develop a plan that works! Classes are offered free of charge as a community service of Adventist Health and Rideout. Attendance is required for insurance approval of nicotine patch. You’ve heard all the reasons why you should quit, join this program to help you pass through the stages and learn the skills you need to be successful for life.

Stop Smoking, Chewing, and Vaping Classes by Adventist Health and Rideout