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Health and Human Services Management Team


Sutter County Health and Human Services Department contains three primary operating divisions, and houses the functions of the In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority Staff.

Health and Human Services Divisions

The Behavioral Health Division serves both Sutter and Yuba Counties and provides Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention programs.

The Public Health and Clinical Services Division provides Outpatient Medical Clinic services, Public Health Laboratory Functions as well as traditional Public Health Disease Prevention programs. This division also administers the Women Infant and Children Nutrition programs for Sutter County.

The Welfare and Social Services Division is composed of Social Services to Children and Elderly Adults, Employment Services, CalFresh, eligibility for state and federal aid programs (TANF), and the Sutter County Conservators Office.

The 500 staff of the department are committed to improving the quality of life for all they serve.

What is a Public Authority?

The Public Authority is mandated by state law to work in conjunction with Sutter County’s In Home Supportive Services Program.

The role of the IHSS Public Authority:

  • Develop and maintain a Registry of IHSS Homecare Providers
  • Match consumers and providers
  • Check the IHSS Homecare Providers background and qualifications
  • Provide Training to Providers and Consumers

IHSS Public Authority Providers offer personal care-domestic services to those who are elderly, disabled or blind, which allow persons to remain safely in their own homes.

An IHSS Homecare Provider is a person who provides personal and domestic services to In Home Supportive Services eligible Consumers. Duties may include personal assistance with dressing and bathing, as well as other household tasks.

An IHSS Consumer is a qualified, (usually SSI client) eligible elderly, blind or disabled person unable to remain safely in his or her homes without the assistance of a Homecare Provider.

Nancy O'Hara - Director of Health and Human Services

Nancy O'Hara - Director of Health and Human Services

Nancy O’Hara is a Yuba City resident. She received her A.A. is Business from Yuba College and a B.A. in Management and an MPA from Golden Gate University. Prior to coming to Sutter County in 2016, Nancy was employed with Yolo County for 10 years as the Director of Health and Human Services Department Service Centers and the Assistant Director of the Yolo County Department of Employment and Social Services. She was also employed by Yuba County for 20 years, during which she was an Eligibility Supervisor, an Administrative Analyst, and a Program Manager.

Tony Hobson - Assistant Director of Health and Human Services - Behavioral Health Division

Tony Hobson - Assistant Director of Health and Human Services - Behavioral Health

Dr. Hobson graduated from Live Oak High School, earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of La Verne, a Master of Arts in Multicultural Counseling from San Diego State University and his doctorate with an emphasis in Clinical Psychology from Walden University. Prior to his current role, Dr. Hobson managed alcohol and drug, forensic, and outpatient mental health programs for both adults and youth in Butte County, California. He has served as a child welfare social worker, mental health therapist for children and adults, and a psychologist for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Dr. Hobson is a contributing faculty member at Walden University where he has instructed courses on Interviewing and Observational Strategies, Personality Assessment, Abnormal Behavior for Forensic Populations, Group Counseling, Criminal Behavior, and serves as dissertation chair for numerous doctoral candidates. Most recently, he has begun instructing courses at Yuba College in their Public Safety Program.

The Behavioral Health Division is responsible for a wide array of mental health and substance use prevention and treatment programs for both Sutter and Yuba Counties. Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health (SYBH) provides services to individuals and families who are experiencing serious or ongoing mental health and/or substance use disorders. SYBH is the only bi-county mental health managed care plan in California. We provide inpatient services in our Psychiatric Health Facility and outpatient behavioral health services at various locations throughout Sutter and Yuba Counties. Outpatient services include medication management; emergency mental health services; individual, group, and family therapy; substance use disorder treatment; and forensic treatment programs. Fees for service are based upon the client’s ability to pay. SYBH accepts most medical insurance, Medi-Cal and Medicare.

Amerjit Bhattal, RN - Assistant Director of Health and Human Services - Public Health Division

Amerjit Bhattal - Assistant Director of Health and Human Services - Public Health

Amerjit Bhattal, RN, is a local person having graduated from Franklin Elementary School, Sutter High School, Yuba College and Chico State University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She began her career with Sutter County in 1987 as a Field Public Health Nurse and then worked for several years managing programs and supervising staff in the Immunization Program, Maternal Child Health program, TB Control, Child Health and Disability Prevention program and Clinic management. In 2005, she was appointed as the Director of Public Health Nursing where she supervised nursing staff in Public Health and Clinic

Amerjit is an active member of Marysville-Yuba City Soroptimist International Organization and the Shots for Tots Executive Committee. She served in the Yuba City Education Foundation, the American Cancer Society, Yuba-Sutter National Sikh Women’s Group, Business Community and Health Partnership, and the Yuba-Sutter Child Care Planning Council. She is married to Gurdeep Bhattal and they have two sons.

The Public Health Division is responsible for the administration of several Federal, State & County Public Health programs. Programs included are: Children’s Medical programs, Communicable Disease programs, Field Public Health Nursing, Health Education programs, Clinical services, Public Health Laboratory, Women, Infant, and Children’s program (WIC), Jail medical services, Vital Statistics program, and Emergency Preparedness programs.

Lori Harrah - Assistant Director of Health and Human Services-Welfare & Social Services Division

Lori Harrah - Assistant Director of Health and Human Services-Welfare & Social Services Division

Lori Harrah, Assistant Director of Health and Human Services-Welfare & Social Services Division, began her career with Sutter County in 1979 at the Sutter County Hospital. Upon the closure of the County Hospital in 1983 she transferred to the Welfare & Social Services Division. She began by managing a caseload in Cash Assistance and CalFresh public assistance programs and then worked for several years in the Welfare Fraud branch determining overpayments. Later she supervised eligibility case managers in all assistance programs, planned and assisted with the implementation of the automated welfare system in Sutter County known as ISAWS and was a Program Manager for five years in the Income Maintenance and Social Services branch.

The Welfare & Social Services Division is responsible for the administration of several Federal, State & County Welfare & Social Services programs. Programs included are: Children's Services such as Child Protective Services, Foster Care and Adoptions; General Assistance; CalWORKs cash assistance and Employment Services Programs designed for low-income parents to assist in moving from dependency to work; Medi-Cal and County Medical Services Program (CMSP) for medical assistance; CalFresh for low income adults and families; Public Guardian / Conservator services; Adult Services such as In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) for the elderly and disabled and Adult Protective Services.

Dr. Lou Anne Cummings - Health Officer

Dr. Lou Anne Cummings - Health Officer

Dr. Lou Anne Cummings is a graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine and received an MPH in Health Education from the Loma Linda University School of Health. After residency at Vancouver General Hospital, Dr. Cummings did general practice in a small mill town in British Columbia for 16 years. After returning to the United States, she worked in primary care in Washington State, and completed a residency in Preventive Medicine and Public Health at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Cummings was the Health Officer of Walla Walla County, Washington State from 2002-2004, then Deputy Health Officer of Shasta County in 2004-2010 and became the Health Officer of Sutter County in July 2010.

“I have had an interest in public health since my teens. During the years I worked in primary care, I saw how the context in which people live affects their health and the opportunities for them to make healthier choices. Many traditional Public Health concerns like tuberculosis, vaccine preventable diseases, and environmental health continue to be very relevant now. Public Health provides an opportunity to work with our community to protect and promote health and well-being and to prevent death and disability.”

Christa Flanery - Senior Human Resources Analyst

Christa Flanery  - Senior Human Resources Analyst

As Senior Human Resources Analyst for the Health and Human Services Department, Christa provides Sutter County rule and policy interpretation and guidance on employee matters; consults with managers and supervisors regarding Employee Relations issues, investigations and disciplinary actions; and provides support on Human Resources related issues the department takes to the Board of Supervisors or its Health and Welfare Committee for action. She manages all phases of the recruitment and selection process, analyzes duties and responsibilities of positions, reviews personnel payroll transactions, consults regarding the establishment of alternative work schedules, and participates in negotiations.

Prior to coming to Sutter County, Christa had a successful Human Resources career in the technology industry. She has a Master of Administration degree in Human Resources Management from Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

Tami Lukens – Administration and Finance Manager

Tami Lukens  - Administration and Finance Manager

As the Administration and Finance Manager for the Health and Human Services Department, Tami plans, organizes, and directs the administrative, fiscal and support operations including financial and budgetary analysis supporting all Health and Human Services' divisions. She also assists in policy and procedure development and implementation and provides staff assistance to the Director of Health and Human Services.

Tami has a Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from Pacific Lutheran University and will complete her Master’s Degree in Accounting this year. She began her governmental accounting career in 2009 by working for the City of Manteca in the Finance Department, then started working for Sutter County in 2014 as an analyst for the CAOs Office before taking the position in Health and Human Services. Prior to governmental accounting she worked in both retail management and construction accounting. Tami is married to her best friend and they have two beautiful daughters.


The opinions expressed on this page are solely those of the individuals and should not be construed in any way to represent the opinions of the County of Sutter.