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Engineering Division

Engineering is responsible for the design and construction of improvements and major repairs to roads, bridges and County facilities. The division also reviews and develops standards for new development projects.

Capital Improvement Projects Advertised for Qualifications or Proposals
Professional Architects and Engineers and Contractors can download project information, submit qualification paperwork, or submit a bid price to design a county facility or construct a county project.

Area Contractors, as required by Section 22034 of the California Public Contract Code, the Engineering division maintains a list of Qualified Contractors to receive bid solicitations for projects in excess of $30,000.00 in the appropriate work categories. By providing the requested information, your company will be added to our database. The Qualified Contractors List is updated every January and remains valid for the calendar year. Use the link below to submit your information.

Encroachment Permits

For Work Within the County Right of Way:
If you are planning to work in the public right-of-way, you must obtain an encroachment permit prior to commencement of work. Permit applications must be submitted to Engineering with a permit fee of $565.00. Permits are valid for six (6) months. If the work is not completed within the 6-month period, a new permit application must be submitted with an additional fee of $565.00.

For Aerial Sprayers:
If you are seeking usage of any County roadway for landing, taxiing and takeoffs in performance of aerial spraying, you must obtain an encroachment permit for temporary usage for agricultural aircraft. Permits are valid for one (1) year. Permit applications must be submitted to Engineering with an annual permit fee of $250.00.

New Development Review
Engineering reviews new development applications for road and drainage improvement requirements. Applicable map and plan review fees are collected at time of application.

County Improvement Standards
Engineering maintains the improvement standards which govern new development within the County. Sections include Streets, Storm Drainage, Sanitary Sewer System, Water Supply System and general submittal requirements. Regular updates to the design standards incorporate current construction methods and maintain alignment with the Planning Code.

Transportation Permits
Transportation permits are required for all extralegal vehicles and/or loads over all county roads and bridges. The weight limitations and other restrictions are intended to ensure the safety of the traveling public and protection of the investment in the transportation infrastructure. Transportation permits should be submitted to [email protected]. Single trip permits are $16.00 and annual trip permits are $90.00. Annual trip permits shall be submitted to Development Services with original signature. For transportation permit questions, please call Development Services at (530) 822-7400. A new fillable transportation permit application, along with required permit conditions are available below.

The County is also offering no-charge permits for the 4 most common routes used:

The permits are pre-approved. Applicants will need to fill in the required information and sign the permit. The applicant does not need to send a copy of the permit to the County.

Traffic Control Devices
Engineering receives and investigates concerns about traffic safety within the County's right-of-way for all county roads. To request an investigation, citizens can submit an Online Road Service Request.

County Surveyor
Under managerial direction, provides professional land surveying expertise for the County in the review and disposition of all matters related to property boundary, right of ways and street locations, and other entitlements; prepares and reviews legal descriptions for land grants, annexations, incorporations, special districts and other County purposes; reviews all maps and records of survey prior to recordation; performs related work as assigned. Assists in the planning and implementation of the County geographic information system; directs the survey monument preservation program.

Recent Studies and Surveys
As listed below, Engineering lists recent results and findings from their Engineering and Traffic Surveys. Further information regarding the implementation of the identified corrective measures can obtained by contacting the Engineering division at (530) 822-7400.

Engineering Fee Schedule

County Standard Construction Specifications

Contact Information

1130 Civic Center Blvd.
Yuba City, CA  95993
Phone Number:
(530) 822-7400
Fax Number:
(530) 822-7457