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Property Tax Unclaimed Refunds


Available on this web site are listings of all property tax unclaimed refunds. This list can be searched by name or parcel number and includes the amount of the refund and the deadline to submit a claim. Please note, if the claim deadline due date falls on Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the due date for the claim is the next business day. Revenue and Taxation Code 5097 and 5102 provides that property tax refunds which remain unclaimed for (3) years after the payment date, or one year after the mailing of the claim form, (whichever is later), may be transferred to the county general fund on order of the Board of Supervisors.

When printing a claim form from our web site, follow the instructions provided. These filing instructions include a checklist of documentation you will need to provide our office when filing your claim.

Mail completed claim forms and supporting documentation to:

Sutter County Treasurer-Tax Collector
P.O. Box 546
Yuba City, CA 95992

When our office receives your completed claim form, we will review it carefully. If the documentation is not adequate to prove your ownership, our office will contact you or return all documents submitted, with a letter stating why the claim is incomplete. All claims will be processed after the 90 day filing period. You may direct all inquiries to our contact form and reference the refund parcel number.

Claimant Parcel Number Amount Claim Deadline
Laughlin, Patrick 13-090-125 $67.08 4/26/2021
Liu, Qulin 2279-17 $75.00 4/30/2021
West Horizon 63-010-112 $13.00 7/10/2021
Talavera, Leonel 51-303-017 $224.34 11/1/2021
Briggs, Randall 59-250-186 $143.34 2/7/2022
Lopez, Brian 23-280-014 $10.11 4/8/2022
Neves, Thomas J Adele 51-073-012 $175.50 6/4/2022
L and M Tatro Trust 52-302-004 $299.14 6/12/2022
Bains, Raminder and Amandeep 23-300-152 $51.10 7/2/2022
Adams, Jennifer 51-671-027 $1424.54 7/9/2022
Clarity Recovery Partners, Inc 06-263-005 $91.40 7/25/2022