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Elected & Appointed  Officers, Judges and Department Heads

Board of Supervisors
Supervisor, District 1:
Supervisor, District 2:
Supervisor, District 3:
Supervisor, District 4:
Supervisor, District 5:
Board of Supervisors:
Elected Officers
District Attorney:
Superintendent of Schools:
Treasurer-Tax Collector:
Sutter County Superior Court Judges
Hon. Brian R. Aronson
Hon. Christopher R. Chandler
Hon. Perry Parker
Hon. Sarah Heckman
Hon. Susan E. Green
Appointed Officers and Department Heads
Agricultural Commissioner:
Child Support Services Director:
County Counsel:
Development Services Interim Director:
Farm Advisor:
General Services Director:
Health and Human Services Director:
Director of Library Services:
Museum Curator:
Chief Probation Officer:
Public Defender:
Mark Van den Heuvel
Veterans Service Officer: