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Keeping of Animals

Sutter County Zoning Code (Section 1500-8016)
When allowed within a specified zone district, animal raising and keeping are subject to the requirements of this section. This section shall not apply to parcels that are zoned agricultural including the “A” Combining District and Ranchette “RAN” District.

  • On all lots, no more than four dogs, four months of age of older, may be kept.
  • On all lots, the keeping of chicken hens (no roosters), rabbits, guinea pigs, or similar small animals, not exceeding a combined total of 12 in number (excluding the offspring thereof, up to the age of 6 months), shall be permitted for home enjoyment or consumption, subject to the provisions of other applicable laws. Unless otherwise provided for, no hoofed animals are permitted, except 2 pot bellied pigs are allowed as pets.
  • The area of any lot used for the keeping of large animals (including but not limited to cattle, horses, or hogs) shall be located outside those areas utilized for sewage disposal.

For more information please see the Sutter County Zoning Code section 1500-8016.