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Nuisance Animals

An animal can be considered a nuisance if it exibits one of the following:
  1. To bark or howl so continuously or incessantly as to unreasonably disturb the peace and tranquillity of the neighborhood. However, the provisions of this Section shall not apply to any commercial dog kennel permitted by zoning law where located.
  2. To damage or destroy the property of another person or public property, or to repeatedly deposit it’s bodily waste fluid or matter upon such property.
  3. To cause unsanitary, dangerous or offensive conditions due to inadequate care of facilities, or due to the size, type or number of animals maintained at a single location.
  4. To interfere with the freedom of lawful movement of persons, or to chase vehicles, or to create a nuisance in any other way.
Contact Sutter Animal Services for assistance with a nusiance animal.

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