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Voter Information

Before you can vote you must first register to vote. There are a couple ways that you can register to vote: fill out a paper form and return it to the County Clerk-Recorders office or register online. Once you are a registered voter, you can request to vote via a Vote by Mail ballot on a one-time or permanent basis if you are unable to vote at your polling place on election day.

County Links

  • Vote by Mail
    If you are unable to or desire not to vote at a polling place on election day, you can vote with a Vote by Mail ballot. Learn more about Vote by Mail voting.
  • Vote by Mail Ballot Status
    Would you like to know the status of the Vote by Mail ballot you returned to the Elections Office? Sutter County has a Vote by Mail Ballot Status search to help you.
  • Elections Office
    Sutter County Elections Office home page providing information you need about voter registration, voting, Vote by Mail ballots and election results.
  • Provisional Voter
    If your name or your address is not on the voter registration roster on Election Day, it may be necessary to issue you a Provisional Ballot.
  • Voter Bill of Rights
    A listing of your rights as a voter.
  • Voter Registration Information
    Here are some answers to common questions about voter registration.

Web Links

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