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Sutter County Website Copyright Policy

Information presented on this website, unless otherwise indicated, is considered to be available for non-commerical use by the general public.

With some exceptions, material and information on this website may be distributed or copied as permitted by law. The County, however, does include some copyrighted data or images (e.g., photographs), which may require additional permissions prior to your use.

In order to use any information on this website not owned or created by the County, you must seek permission directly from the owning sources. It would also be appropriate to give credit to or to reference Sutter County as the source of any information gathered from this website.

For copy or use of information on the Sutter County website that is outside of the Fair Use provisions of copyright law, or if you have any questions on using material on the Sutter County web pages, please use our contact form to e-mail the Webmaster.