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Sutter County Demographics

According to 2014 population estimates, Sutter County is home to approximately 95,733 people, making it the 37th largest of California's 58 counties. There are two incorporated cities, Yuba City with a population of 65,677 (2014), and Live Oak with 8,481 (2014) residents. The remaining residents live within the small communities of Tierra Buena, Meridian, Rio Oso, Trowbridge, Sutter, Pleasant Grove, Nicolaus, East Nicolaus, Riego or Robbins, or reside in the vast rural, agricultural areas which make up Sutter County.

The 2010 U. S. Census shows that Caucasians made up nearly 65.5% of Sutter County's population. The remainder of the population includes Hispanics (28.8%), Asians, including Sutter County's large East Indian population (11.1%), African Americans (1.8%), and Native Americans (1.4%).

The median age in Sutter County, according to the 2010 census, was 34.5 years, Children accounted for over 32.7% of the population and seniors (65 and older) made up approximately 12.7%.

In the 2015 Report of Registration, there were 41,508 registered voters in Sutter County. Party affiliation was as follows:

Party # of People Percent
Republican 17,863 43.04%
Democrat 13,182 31.76%
Decline to State (No party) 7,660 18.45%
American Independent 1,372 3.31%
Other 884 2.13%
Peace & Freedom 136 0.33%
Libertarian 282 0.68%
Green 129 0.31%

Sutter County has shown a high unemployment rate, an average of 15.4% in 2013. Many people who choose to live in Sutter County commute to work in one of the many surrounding counties.

The availability of water, plus long sunny growing seasons, make Sutter County an outstanding fertile area for agriculture. With over 77% of the County's total acreage classified as "important farmland," with 43.5% considered prime, coupled with the high value of agricultural production, Sutter County is one of the most intensively farmed counties in California. Agricultural products grown in Sutter County are exported throughout the world.

Sources: California Department of Finance, California Secretary of State, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics