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Sutter County offers assistance to new businesses. These involve a variety of incentives, including permit expediting for land use and building, local/state financing mechanisms, labor and employment assistance, and industrial development bonds. By locating to Sutter County, the company will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in one time fees or annual taxes.

Incentives: (Employment)

The job training and employment programs in California are the finest in the nation, and Sutter County is no exception. These programs are designed to offer employment and training services at little or no cost. These services result in substantial savings in hiring and training of employees.

Through the region’s Employer One-Stop Program, the Regional Career Center (RCC), and the Sutter County One Stop, Sutter County will support a business’ needs by coordinating and responding to any and all inquiries about government employment and training programs.

Services Provided

Free Service
Free Service
Reimburse 50% of the wages
Regional Occupational Program (ROP)
Employment Training Panel (ETP)
Community College Chancellor’s Grant (CC)
Free Service. Depends on # of types of Jobs


Incentives: (Industrial Development Bonds)

Local jurisdictions may be willing to issue bonds allowing them to offer low-interest financing the company. These bonds can finance land acquisition, building construction, equipment purchases, architectural and engineering fees, manufacturing, energy development, industrial parks, and incidental costs associated with the project. Each jurisdiction’s willingness to issue these bonds depends on the specifics of the project.

Yuba Sutter Economic Development Corporation

For additional information or assistance please visit the Yuba Sutter Economic Development Corporation website or contact YSEDC at: