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Sutter Commuter Bikeway

Sutter Commuter Bikeway The Sutter Commuter Bikeway project involved the construction of Class I and Class II bikeways.

The Class I bikeway runs between the community of Sutter and the Yuba City urban area along 5.00 miles of the former Sacramento Northern Railroad right of way between Hooper Road and Acacia Avenue. The Class II bikeway runs for 1.2 miles along Acacia Avenue starting from the end of the railroad right of way on Acacia Avenue to Sutter Union High School.

The bikeway can be entered at any of several bicycle crossings. These crossings are located at Humphrey Road, Acacia Ave, Lytle Road, South Butte Road, Township Road, Royo Ranchero Drive, and Hooper Road. There is also a parking lot located at the Humphrey Road crossing.

Sutter County was awarded a Proposition 116 grant for the construction of the Class I bikeway. The bikeway was designed by County personnel and constructed by Jaeger Construction of Yuba City.

  • Class I Bikeway - Typically called a bike path or trail, it provides for bicycle travel on a paved right of way completely separated from any street or highway.
  • Class II Bikeway – Often referred to as a bike lane. Provides a striped and stenciled lane for one-way travel on a street or highway. The right-of-way could be shared with vehicle parking.
  • Class III Bikeway - Referred to as a bike route. Provides for shared use with pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic and is identified only by signing.