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Answers to the most common questions brought to Sutter County Health and Human Services Administration.

Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Services

Call the Mental Health/Substance Abuse Division at (530) 822-3292.

Health Division: (530) 822-7215

Call: (530) 674-1885 ext. 108

Call Family Assistance Service Team (FAST) at (530) 822-7383.

Call Alcoholics Anonymous at (530) 673-9380.

Call Narcotics Anonymous at (530) 877-6361.

Call the Al Anon Family Group at (530) 673-9380.

Call Pathway's Drug and Alcohol Program at (530) 674-4530.

In Sutter County call (530) 822-7215. In Yuba County call (530) 741-6467.

Health and Mental Health Services

Call Sutter County Animal Services at (530) 822-7353.

Call Sutter County Clinical Services at (530) 822-7240.

Contact Sutter County Health Division at (530) 822-7215.

Call Sutter County Environmental Health at (530) 822-7400.

Call Sutter County Health Division at (530) 822-7215.

Contact Casa de Esperanza at (530) 674-5400, or their Crisis Line at (530) 674-2040.

Call Alta Regional Center at (530) 674-3070.

Contact Sutter County Health Division at (530) 822-7215.

Public Assistance and Social Services

Applications available at Sutter County Social Services Division Located at 190 Garden Highway, Yuba City, CA. The Social Services Division may be reached by phone at 1-877-652-0735.

Call CPS or APS, 24 hours a day at (530) 822-7227 or fill out an online form.

Call Employment Services at (530) 822-7133.

Call (530) 822-7250.

View the on-line brochure.

Call Social Services at (530) 822-7155.

For more extensive listing of available low cost/no cost services call (530) 822-7327 to obtain a copy of our People Services listing.

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