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Sutter County’s employees make it one of the top places to work in America
June 13, 2019
Sutter County one of the top 30 employers in California

Sutter County today was listed among the top employers in the nation by the business magazine Forbes, which surveyed 80,000 Americans and ranked 1,430 large employers.

In a feature called “America’s Best Employers By State,” Forbes ranked Sutter County 30th out of 194 California companies ranked, based on a survey of workers at businesses with at least 500 employees.

Among employers that are county governments, only San Diego County finished higher on the list, at 22. Only five other counties made the list. Riverside, San Francisco, Monterey, San Joaquin, and Sacramento counties all ranked behind Sutter County.

Sutter County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mat Conant was pleasantly surprised by the announcement. But he was not at a loss for words about the reason for it.

“Our employees make this a great place to work,” he said. “This is a community rich in agricultural production, not yet paved over like some other regions of the state. It’s a great place to live and a great place to work. It’s a great community with great people, who make great employees.”

Sutter County has approximately 950 employees. Conant said many people do not understand the multitude of functions and responsibilities at the County, including law enforcement and public protection, health and human services, agricultural services and consumer protection, environmental health, code enforcement, planning and building services, road and bridge construction and maintenance, elections, recording and archiving of public documents, tax collection and treasury investment, auditing, property assessments and assessment appeals, fleet maintenance, building maintenance, information technology. The list is a long one.

“Everything our employees touch impacts the public, and they understand what they do is important,” Conant said. “When you feel your job matters, it can have a positive impact on the way you feel about your employer.

“This recognition by Forbes is a humbling affirmation that Sutter County values its employees, and its employees value Sutter County and the work they do on behalf of the residents.”

Sutter County has a population of approximately 98,000. Agriculture has a $1.5 billion annual impact on the economy. Its top crops are rice, walnuts, prunes, peaches, and tomatoes.

To determine the list, Statista surveyed 80,000 Americans working for businesses with at least 500 employees. All the surveys were anonymous, allowing participants to openly share their opinions. The respondents were asked to rate, on a scale of zero to 10, how likely they’d be to recommend their employer to others. Statista then asked respondents to nominate organizations in industries outside their own. The number of businesses ranked in each state was dependent on two factors—the number of qualifying employers and the size of the state’s workforce—and those with operations in more than one state had the opportunity to be listed multiple times. The final list ranks the 1,430 employers that received the greatest number of recommendations in each of the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.

Sutter County Increases Transparency of Local Election Campaign Documents
June 12, 2019

Despite the failure of the State Legislature to pass a bill to increase local election campaign transparency, Sutter County Registrar of Voters Donna Johnston has ordered the addition of pages on the County’s website to meet some of the goals of legislation proposed by Assemblyman James Gallagher.

Earlier this year, the Sutter County Board of Supervisors signed on to formally support legislation by Gallagher to require online posting of campaign finance documents.

The legislation, Assembly Bill 322, stalled in the Assembly Appropriations Committee earlier this year, but will be taken up by the Committee in 2020.

Sutter County Elections staff has added Campaign Finance information to their website in support of Gallagher’s bill.

Sutter County Elections has created an additional webpage with uploaded campaign statements for the 2020 election cycle contests.

These include the Board of Supervisor contests for Districts 1, 3 and 5.

Additional campaign statement filings will be added for future election filings.

Sutter County Registrar of Voters Donna Johnston stated that this is an important project for the department as it expands election related information to the public.

The link to the webpage can be found at under the Campaign Finance Information section.

"I commend Donna Johnston and her team in making campaign finance documents more readily available to the public online," said Gallagher. "In the State Legislature, I will continue to work with Sutter County and all stakeholders to further promote transparency in the election process."

Grass Fire in the 9800 Block of West Butte Rd
June 10, 2019

Sutter County’s Fire Chief, John Shalowitz, has declared the West Butte Fire 100% contained. Sutter County received support from Colusa, Butte, Cal Fire, Sac Metro Fire and Yuba City.

Sutter County Fire Department will continue to monitor the area of the fire. Smoke can be seen in some spots, but are well within the containment lines.

June 08, 2019
Fire crews from 6 departments (Butte Co., Cal-Fire, Sutter Co., Colusa Co., Yuba City and Sac Metro) are currently battling a 900 acre grass fire in the 9800 block of West Butte Rd. There are currently no structures threatened and no evacuation orders are being issued. Crews are making good progress and are expected to be working through the night. Please avoid the area, to reduce traffic congestion for emergency vehicles.

Behavioral Health Mobile Service Plan Posted for Public Review and Comment
May 23, 2019

To increase access to behavioral health care for underserved groups experiencing difficulty engaging in outpatient behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment services, Sutter Yuba Behavioral Health Services proposes to establish a mobile, field-based approach prior to and after hospitalization, in consumer homes, homeless encampments, emergency rooms, and in law enforcement or other community settings.

Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health (SYBH) invites community members to review this plan, which is a proposed Innovation project under the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). The draft project proposal is posted for 30 days for public comment and review from May 6 – June 5, 2019 and can be accessed at the following link on Sutter County’s web-site.

Under the plan, the outreach team will serve individuals who, for a variety of reasons, including inadequate family support, negative past experiences with behavioral health care, discrimination and/or isolation because of a behavioral health illness, do not obtain services at Sutter-Yuba Behavioral Health’s building. The program will be modeled on similar successful programs in other locations.”

Innovation funding under MHSA allows counties to implement approved projects that:

  • Increase access to behavioral health care to underserved groups
  • Increase the quality of services, including measurable outcomes
  • Promote interagency & community collaboration
  • Increase access to services

Innovation projects can introduce new mental health practices or approaches, make a change to an existing mental health practice or approach, or apply to the mental health system a promising community-driven practice or an approach that has been successful in non-mental health contexts or settings.

For questions or to submit a comment on the posted plan please contact Peter Sullivan at [email protected]

MHSA (Proposition 63) was passed by California voters in November 2004 to expand mental health services for children and adults. The Act is funded by a 1% tax surcharge on personal income over $1 million per year.