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Sutter County Museum - Upcoming Exhibits
January 28, 2004
Builders of California - Scenes Behind the Sojourners: February 1st to March 12th

Guest Curator: Der Hsien Chang

The exhibit includes Chinese porcelain from Ms. Chang's collection as well as pieces from CSU, Sacramento and local collectors.

Other interesting items on display include photos from the Museum collection showing an early 20th century Bok Kai parade and the retired lion from the Hop Sing Society, formerly used by the lion dancers in parades.

So you didn't get a flu shot - Are you doomed for illness?
January 16, 2004
"As you are most likely aware, the USA is experiencing a flu season that is more severe than normal. Of all the common acute disease processes, I believe there are more misconceptions about the flu than any other illness."

Michael Kinnison M.D.
Sutter County Health Officer

Since the flu season typically goes through March, high-risk individuals who have not had their flu shot can still benefit from the protection of the flu vaccine.

Veterans Hall Reservations Now Available Online
January 06, 2004
We are pleased to announce the ability to reserve online the Sutter County Veterans Hall as well as viewing the current availability of the facility. Reservation requests for the Veterans Hall are administered by Facilities Management staff in the Sutter County Public Works Department.