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Sutter County Museum - Upcoming Exhibits
March 23, 2004
The Whole World's Watching: Peace & Social Justice Movements of the 1960s & 1970s

The social and political upheavals of this era - the period from the emergence of the Civil Rights Movement to the end of the Vietnam War - were among the more significant events of modern American History.

The exhibit runs from April 8th through May 30th. A program will be announced. Admission is free.

Living Healthy - Sutter County Style
March 16, 2004

The theme  for National Public Health Week is: "Eliminating Health Disparities - Communities Moving from Statistics to Solutions". In conjunction with National Public Health Week, April 5th-11th, Sutter County Human Services - Health Division is hosting a series of activities and screenings in order to educate the community about what solutions are available and the programs that are working to end disparities.

There will be a carnival  to promote good health and safety in the community. The Carnival will be held Saturday, April 3rd from 10-2 PM at Sutter County Public Health, 1445 Veterans Memorial Circle in Yuba City. There will be free games, prizes and activities for all ages. In addition there will be a "Walk for Fun"  event on April 5th, from 7-9 AM - The Mall, Yuba City.

The Public Health Outreach Mobile Van  will also be out in the community during Public Health Week from 2-4:30 PM at the following locations: April 9th - Munger's Market in Sutter.

Sutter County Election Results for the Presidential Primary Election
March 02, 2004