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County Museum Hawaiian-Maidu Exhibit - June 20 through July, 2004
June 16, 2004

This new exhibit runs from June 15th and offers a glimpse into the lives of the Hawaiian-Maidu community here in Sutter County.

Many of you may have followed the local history of the Hawaiian-Maidu community in a recent edition of the Sutter County Historical Society Bulletin. John Sutter brought a small group of native Hawaiians with him when he arrived in California. They worked for him, inter-married and settled down locally.

California State Fair - August / September 2004
June 09, 2004
The California State Fair begins on Friday, August 20th and ends on Monday, September 6th (Labor Day). The fair, which is California's largest cultural celebration, has a wide range of attractions and events for everyone including traditional competitive exhibits, agriculture, home art, technological competitions, thrill rides, big name entertainment and specialty foods.

Once again, Sutter County is participating in the Counties Exhibits competition which was originally introduced in the 1870's. The People's Choice Award is presented to the County receiving the most votes from fair-goers. So, we would like to encourage everyone to come and support Sutter County! Please stop by and visit our booth.

West Nile Virus Alert - Fight The Bite!
June 07, 2004
West Nile Virus - Fight The Bite! West Nile virus is now in most of the United States. The most important way people become infected is through the bite of an infected mosquito. You can reduce your chance of getting infected by avoiding mosquito bites.

People over age 50 have a higher risk for becoming seriously ill when they get infected with West Nile virus. People under age 50 can also become sick, but it is less likely.

Men's Health Week - June 14 / 20, 2004
June 02, 2004

President Clinton signed the "National Men's Health Week" Act on May 31, 1994. The purpose of Men's Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

Of particular importance to us here in Sutter County, men in rural communities are at highest risk for exposure to tobacco use, physical inactivity, high-fat diets, and encounter a greater degree of social, economic and geographic barriers to prevention.

To address this growing men's health crisis in America, the Men's Health Network (MHN) created Time Out for Men's Health™, a national awareness campaign that offers free health assessments, educational materials and consultation with a health professional for men at 15 events across the United States.